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Unique Wall Art Ideas to Brighten and Style Your Home

All Handpicked and Independently Chosen by Gifted Geek

All of the unusual and unique wall art products you’ll find below have been independently chosen by the awesome folks here at Gifted Geek.

We’ve tried to source products to suit all budgets and tastes.

If you’re in a rush, here are our top two wall art products. We think these would look lovely in any home.

Our Favourite: High-Quality Wallpaper Art

Wallpaper, especially patterned wallpaper, was extremely popular in the 1970s and 80s before falling out of fashion and being replaced by bland painted walls. Well, wallpaper is back in fashion and were not talking cheap off-the-shelf rolls from your local store. High-quality art prints are back in fashion. Typically used on a feature wall within a room, these prints are a far cry from the 80’s B&Q specials, your visitors will be amazed at the quality of this paper. This artwork can make any room look truly unique and customised.

Most Popular: Personalised Canvas Print

Turn your favourite digital image into a piece of wall art to be admired with this truly custom gift – a truly personalised canvas wall art piece. People notice wall art that is unique, different and one-of-a-kind. Choose images of your children, pets, or favourite location and have the photo printed onto high-quaity canvas and stretched onto a frame suitable for hanging on any wall in the home. This is the ultimate personlised wall art gift for a friend or loved one.

The Best Canvas Hanging Wall Art

Below you’ll find what we feel are the best canvas hanging wall art.

We love abstract canvas pieces and you can see the first item we purchased here.

Abstract Canvas Red/Black/Grey

Wallfiller’s black, red, grey four piece abstract wall art is one amazing canvas you cannot forgo. Designed by UK’s most renowned canvas brand, you are sure of nothing but quality. The amazing 4-piece covers a total of 160cm wide and 67.5cm high. When setting up the pieces, it’s advisable to keep each piece 3.5cm apart for an appealing look.

Manhattan Lights Canvas Wall Art

Bring the night skyline’s of New York into your living room with the Manhattan premium canvas print. Not only is the photo crystal clear but a direct translation of the real thing thanks to the sharp detailing and vibrant colour scheme. The beautiful wall art canvas comes stretched on a wooden frame and is ready for hanging. It’s perfect for any room.

Purple Trees Hanging Wall Art

The 3-piece purple trees wall art is a picture photo of autumn most exceptional printed on high-quality canvas and stretched on wooden frames straight for hanging. This masterpiece brings the right balance between bold and subtle colours in your living space. They are sure to steal the show in your living space. The Purple trees wall art is available in 30X30cm.

Four-Part Nature Canvas Set

The 4-part nature canvas images offer a cheaper option to oil paint canvas. They come entirely framed on 2cm thick wooden panels with staples to hold them firmly as they stretch. The 4-part nature canvas images are ready for hanging straight out of the box. When put together, they cover 4X12X12 inches.

London Night Time Skyline

If you fancy London’s night skyline, then this is the perfect canvas piece to fill that empty spot on your living room walls. The picture perfect 4-part multi-panel canvas stretches out to cover 130cm wide and 67.5cm high. Just like the others, this 4-piece canvas is ready for hanging straight of its packaging. Its contemporary vibe will uplift any dull living room walls.

Banksy Balloon Girl Canvas

The Banksy canvas portrays a certain level of innocence that draws emotions into a room. This particular single piece wall hanging by Wallfillers offers a different option to the Banksy wall sticker. Unlike the other, the canvas picture can be easily installed by simply attaching the wooden frame on the wall and detaching and reattaching when needed. It’s 120cm wide and 50cm high.

Five-Peice Wildlife Canvas

Made using modern printing technology, the 5-piece wildlife canvas is not only odourless but durable thanks to the lamination that protects the ink pigment from fading and mechanical damage. Its deep colour saturation is just enough to entice the eye for a deep stare. The five-piece wildlife canvas is available in three different sizes and is reading for hanging straight out of the box.

Elephant Canvas Wall Art Print

Get blown away by the African Elephants in the wild with a fantastic sunset as the background of this mind-blowing canvas print. The single piece canvas is designed to precision with high-quality ink pigment that guarantees vibrant color and detailing like no other. Its available in a number of sizes and ready for hanging.

Four-Piece Sunset Animal Prints

This 4-piece canvas features horses, elephants, giraffes, and zebras silhouette in the sunset. Each piece is 30X30cm. The picture canvas highlight a range of sunset colors with black as the main background making the piece ideal for subtle living room space or a quiet bedroom ambiance. These wall canvases are fixed on wooden panels and are ready for hanging straight out of the box.

Black and White Canvas Set

If you are looking for a fade resistant canvas print that settles in well with the rest of your art piece, then the black and white wall art canvas set it an ideal pick. The canvas print features four pieces that are geometrically imbalanced for a perfect set. When setting the pieces up, its best to keep some distance between each piece for a mosaic feel.

Teal Rose Black and White Print

The large panoramic teal rose canvas is sure to draw attention its way. With the highlight of the piece being the teal rose that is carefully displayed on a black and white background. Any floral print lover will appreciate its magnificence in a room of choice. The art piece brings some sense of calmness into the room. Its available in 120cm wide and 50cm high.

Family Quote Canvas Print

Instead of written quote stickers, you can try the family quote canvas that free you the stress of damaging your rental walls. The four-piece canvas covers a wall space of 40X27″. You can install the wall hangings direct from the packaging. The clarity of the wording is of high definition and sure to last thanks to the protective lamination.

Big Ben and Red London Bus

The three-piece Big Ben and red London bus pencil sketch canvas print are explicitly set to stand out from the crowd. They bring London into your walls. Each piece is 12 inch wide and 12 inch high. Stretched on a wooden panel, the pencil sketch art are ready for hanging.

Banksy Phone Lovers Canvas

Banksy mobile phone lovers canvas is a truly a masterpiece that will draw eyes to your walls. The black and white colours balance well with any theme going on in the room. This single piece canvas is available in different sizes depending on your liking.

Tree With Red Leaves Wall Art

Have a taste of autumn’s best with the bright red leaves tree canvas print. Its high quality and vibrant look are sure to steal the appeal of every room. The amazing wall hanging is versatile for any space. It comes in a number of sizes and price ranges. No need for framing as the canvas is already available in a stretched wooden panel straight for hanging.

Wall Art Prints and Decals

Below you’ll find our favourite wall art prints and decals.

These wall stickers are so versatile, you can use them on any wall and they look great as space fillers and even as a feature.

Banksy Heart Balloon Girl

This wall sticker is a fantastic art piece for those looking to evoke emotions into their living room walls. It features a toddler reaching out for a red balloon. This high-quality vinyl sticker is applicable on any smooth surface other than walls. It comes with installation instructions which require zero tools. The layout size together with the balloon is 120cm (H) and 60cm(W).

Love Laugh and Live Stickers

If you are looking to inspire with artsy wordings, this is one sticker you can’t overlook. Made from top vinyl material, the love, laugh and live wall sticker is easy to install without causing damage to your walls. The wall sticker is available in 70cm X 50cm. It’s offered in black and is versatile for any living room space.

Inspirational Family Wall Art

This Graphics ‘n’ Tees wall sticker enhances the interior look of your home giving you a contemporary finish. The sticker is made of high-quality vinyl that lasts long without sagging. It’s available in a variety of colours and sizes. The words, however, don’t come as individual letters. This makes installation a breeze; simply follow the instructions included in the packaging.

3D Wall Art Tree Stickers

Bring elegance and style to your living room walls with the creative 3D wall art tree stickers. These crystal acrylic wall decals are designed to fit the entire wall. They are available in different sizes and colours and can be stuck to any smooth flat surface be it wall or glass. Installation instructions included in the packaging though extra hands may be necessary.

Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker

The cherry blossom wall stickers are made of eco-friendly material that is reusable, repositionable and removable without leaving marks on your walls. This mural gently incorporates red butterflies and cherry plum blossom flowers decals into your living room walls for a beautiful indoor spring look. The stylish stickers are easy to apply; simply peel and quickly stick to your walls.

Inspirational Wall Art Quote

If you love inspirational wall art quotes, this Stonges vinyl saying decal is a must for your pale dome room walls. Not only does it incorporate well with other wall hangings, but it also brightens up your room with the right amount of motivation. It’s available in black and can be installed and removed easily without damaging your walls.

Welcome to Our Home Wall Sticker

The welcome to our home sticker by Graphics ‘n’ Tees is a great way to invite guests into your doors. Made from high-quality vinyl material, users are guaranteed durability like no other. The welcome to our home sticker is available in 20 different colors. You can choose from small, large and X-large sizes depending on what you want.

Magnolia Wall Art Sticker

The Magnolia wall art is an excellent way to decorate your walls with a touch of floral. These unique stickers add plenty of colour, fun, and depth to your average space. You can personalize your bathroom walls, windows or any smooth flat surface of your liking using these stickers.

Dancing Wall Art Butterflies

Liven up your living space with the extraordinary wall art butterfly and tree branch stickers. They work perfectly for the little one’s room as well as your office space. You can stick them on your walls, ceramic tiles as well as glass windows. They are easy to install and available at 100X90cm (width X height).

Kitchen Wall Quote Decals/Stickers

Designed by UK’s best Wall Sticker Studio, the Kitchen wall stickers offer home lovers a unique way to customise their kitchen walls. These stickers are steam proof and water resistant making them perfect for the kitchen space. Their nice matt finish available in 21 different colours offers versatile regarding taste. You can order the kitchen wall sticker according to your size preference.

World Map Wall Sticker

Decowall’s World map sticker is an ideal addition to living room walls. Not only does it bring character to the space but also acts as an additional educational piece for the little ones. This makes it perfect for the nursery walls or kids bedroom. The sticker is offered in grey and is available in three sizes; medium, large and X-large.

Bathroom Floating Bubbles Stickers

The bathroom floating bubbles stickers are a great way to spice up your cloakroom. They stick easily on your bathroom walls or window glass and never soak up water. However, once removed they are not reusable. These bathroom stickers come in a variety of colors and consist of a total of 88 bubbles.

Family Photo Tree Wall Decals

The black family photo frame sticker is a great way to display your family tree whether in the living room or the hallway. This high-quality vinyl sticker is easy to install however not reusable. It comes in two pieces each 60cm (W) X 90cm (H). It’s moderately priced and available within the UK.

Design Your Own Wall Quote

The amazing decal allows you to customise your wording stickers to your choice with a maximum of 50 words. It’s available in 120X60 (cm) and comes in the color of your choice. The stickers can be applied on smooth non-porous surfaces such as wooden furniture, metals, glass, and walls. To install simply peel off and quickly stick.

Mice Wall Art For Skirting Boards

Mice artwork is printed on high-quality vinyl material. This artwork from Lola is incredibly cute and quite realistic. The sticker fits perfects on your skirting board though it can also be incorporated on the staircase or window edge. Your kids and visitors are bound to love it.

Metal Wall Art Ideas

You’ll find our favourite metal hanging wall art products listed below.

Some of these items are truly exquisite while some are priced more reasonably:

Metal Wall Art Leaves Sculpture

Try incorporating some metal elements to your walls with the metal tree sculpture that offers a stylish contemporary look. The metallic tree design adorns autumn color tones. This particular wall hanging is great on doors and hallway walls. It measures an approximate of 69cm high, 94cm wide and 10cm deep. The metal sculpture is extra light, and the tree branches are movable for a distinct look.

Metal Winter Tree Scene

If you are looking for a metal wall hanging that is lightweight, easy to hang and stylish at the same time, then the tree winter scene is an ideal pick for you. It features three tree frames mounted on metal horizontal metal bars. Unlike the autumn metal tree sculpture, the winter tree scene features no leaves making it an excellent switch for the holidays. Its available in 55cm high and 66cm wide.

Laural Branches Wall Art

The double Laural branches wall art bring some sense of sophistication to your walls. This 97cm wide and 43cm high metallic sculpture complements well any interior décor you in your space. It also acts well as a real-life plant branch illusion. The piece is easy to hang and requires no installation straight out of the box.

Contempory Wall Art Red & Gold

A great way to personalise your home is through this amazing metal sculpture that reminds you of home. The wall hanging is easy to attach on walls and covers a significant space of 108cm wide and 40cm high. This wall hanging is available in shades of gold and red for a bold touch. You can place it above the chimney wall or on the doorway.

Wind-Blown Oak Tree Metal

This is one large windy oak tree metal art that is great for fall home decorations. It’s the right amount of urban sophistication and style. The metal art blends well with any decorations in the room. You can attach it on the walls using the rear mounting brackets located on behind the trunk.

Musical Sweep Score Metal Art

Bring some melody into the space with the musical sweep score metal wall art. The wall hanging is not only stylish but extra light for safe hanging. Constructed by hand, the detailing on this piece is remarkable. It features dark tones with stave highlights. The piece is available in 23cm high and 61cm wide.

Metal Red and Black Poppy Wall Art

The red poppy bunch is an excellent piece that features several tones of red and black well infused together. From afar the detailing of the metal piece is remarkable. It mimics the real poppy flower adding a great sense of floral print to your walls. The piece is available in 67cm high x 39cm wide x 5cm thick.

Red Heart Scroll Metal Art

The red heart metal wall art scroll is a great piece to include in your wall hanging collection. It’s eye-catching but doesn’t steal enough attention from your room’s main pieces. The metal piece is easy to install and extra light for safe hanging. It features shades of red, bits of green on the protruding leaves and bronze on the metal frame.

Silver Abstract Circles Wall Art

This is an amazing handcraft metal sculpture that brings character to your walls. It’s ideal for home patterns that lean more to the rusty chic design. The silver abstract circle rings offer the right amount of illusion without speaking much. It’s perfect for the office or living room space.

Colourful Large Metal Wall Art

This particular metal wall art is a twist to the large abstract circles metal artworkIt features a slash of colours on the rings. The large decorative piece has been welded and well-polished with certain dents and abrasion act as proof of true craftsmanship. Its available in one particular size.

Butterfly Ribbon and Flowers Metal Art

The butterfly ribbon metal art makes an excellent accessory for your little girl’s bedroom wall. This handcrafted large metal decoration features filigree butterflies and red flowers. It offers a modern vibe that complements other artsy pieces in the room. The metal hanging is however quite heavy though it fits perfectly on the wall and can be installed easily. It covers a wall space of 19x53inches (H/W).

Blue Metal Wall Art Sculpture

This is an amazing 3D metal piece that stands out. The 100% handmade metal sculpture is designed under a complex aging treatment to create the right balance of natural colour effects and irregular shape. This piece blends well in any space. Its available in 142x71cm and can be easily attached on your wall.

Tree of Life Hanging Wall Art

The tree of life hanging wall art is a unique piece that speaks boldness into any subtle room. It fits perfectly as a bathroom wall hanging though some may prefer it’s a dining room piece. The wall hanging features antique white that blends well with a couple of colors. This amazing piece is available in 37 inch wide X 41 inch high.

6 – Piece Metal Mirrored Wall Art

If you are looking for a custom-made finish look for your bedroom walls, then you should consider the 6pcs mirrored wall art. It sits well above your bed head offering the right amount of eye candy. This steel mirror finish piece is available in one standard size.

Large Metal Coloured Butterfly

The burnished large butterfly metal hanging is a step from the usual wall pieces. This intricate piece is made handcrafted and made of pure metal. It fits well in your little girl’s room as well as the living room area. The large metal butterfly is available in six different sizes.

Wall Art Clocks and Time Pieces

Below you’ll find 15 of our favourite wall clocks. These are sure to look perfect on any wall.

See the full list of 26 wall clocks here

Kitchen Clock

Awesome kitchen clock

Add glamour to your kitchen space or dining areas with this funky kitchen clock. Its metal finish ensures it stands the test of time while adding a touch of style and elegance to your home. The kitchen clock features fork and knife hands while the numbers are matched to a fork, spoon, straining spoon or ladle to enhance the quirky cutlery design. It has a considerable size as it measures 43cm in height, 42cm in width and 5 cm in depth. What’s more, it is easy to clean as you only need to wipe it using a soft cloth.

Large Nickel Clock

Nickel clock

If you are a fan of industrial-styled home accessories or the old Roman numeral clocks, this Nickel Wall clock is for you. The polished nickel edge finish and attractive architectural design breathe sophistication without overwhelming a space. You can hang it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway and it with quickly blend in with the design scheme. The slight imperfections of pierced metal digits add to its rugged, industrial look while enhancing the contemporary style of a modern space.

Wooden Clock

Modern wood clock

It makes a great focal point for your living room or other space using a vintage design theme. The clock has a rustic style of modern wooden clocks while the birch plywood and the dark-brown colour allow you to personalise your décor in a simple, unique way. Unlike most wall clocks that take on a circular shape, this wooden clock has a rectangular shape, which mimics a framed clock. The hands and the numbers are carefully crafted, showcasing the great artistry and sophistication of this modern wooden clock.

Rustic Cafe Wall Clock

If you are an enthusiast of Paris décor, this rustic Café wall clock completes the look. The stunning graphics etched on the MDF board create a warm, welcoming ambiance to any space. It features the famous La Maison design that combines complex movements of the Parisian style with Swiss watchmaking expertise. The clock measures 34 cm, which is pretty small if you are looking to make it a centrepiece.

Kitchen Rules Vintage Clock

Kitchen rules clock

This vintage style wall clock makes a perfect gift for friends and family who love the kitchen. The kitchen rules etched on the MDF board make a fun way of reminding them about what is expected. It features a shabby chic style with a distressed vintage feel. The colour of the MDF board used to design this clock creates a warm, welcoming ambience.

Large France Wall Clock

France wall clock

Add a touch of class and style with this large, rustic French wall clock. Its vintage style with white hands and golden numerals create an eye-catching centrepiece for your living room. The clock features a 3D wood planking construction that is cleverly hidden using a faced print and a striking large size. It has a dark distressed face, which when blended with the golden numerals on the MDF board, add character to an antique collection. This makes a great gift for a friend or family.

Hito Modern Clock

Hito modern clock

If you are looking for a non-ticking wall clock, the Hito modern clock is just perfect. It features high-quality Quartz movement that guarantees accuracy and steady performance at all times. Another striking feature about this clock is its signature look of large black numerals and hands amplified by a white clock face, making the Hito wall clock ideal for a classic, modern décor. Additionally, the use of white and black creates a calm, tranquil ambience in your bedroom, kitchen or office.

Sq Silver Clock

Square silver clock

Add glamour to your home with this sleek, stylish and square wall clock. Its bevelled silver-coloured surround and white face blend in with any colour scheme of your home while the 3D black numerals sit away from the face, creating a unique feature of design impact. The clock’s second hand is fitted with Rhythm’ Silent Silky Move setting that eliminates ticking. It measures 25cm by 25 cm, which is a reasonable size for a small space.

Lucky Cat Clock

Cat themed wall clock

The face of the clock features a rugged wooden build made of MDF. Also, the curious kitten peering at you with snooping green eyes add to this clock’s cockiness while the kitten’s tail that hangs down functions as a pendulum. The phrase at the center of the face clock ‘le petit café de chat noir’ adds charm to your space. This wall clock makes a fantastic gift for a cat lover.

Glass Wall Clock

Glass wall clock

Acctim wall clocks have similar designs, quality, functionality and come with a 1-year guarantee. The Stefano wall clock is a perfect example of Acctim’s combination of style and functionality. It features a glass dial blended with metallic hands and a mirrored centre, making this wall clock ideal for a modern home. However, if you have a problem with ticking wall clocks, you should consider hanging it in the living room and kitchen and not the bedroom. It is also powered by Quartz movement, so you are sure of accurate time delivery. This clock measures 320 mm in diameter.

Sq Glass Clock

This London Clock Company wall clock blends in perfectly in a minimalist space. The white face, frosted finish along with the crystal clear hands and chrome numbers match the characteristic black and white colours for modern minimalists. It measures 35 x 35 cm; a good size for hanging in your bedroom. The hands are made of brushed steel, which retains most of the metallic lustre and the clock’s glistening appearance after a long period of use.

Black Glass Clock

Blackj glass wall clock

The Black Glass clock is one of London Clock Company’s vast collections. It has a square shape; an analogue design for most wall clocks. This analogue design is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style used on most London Clocks, which is often characterised by functionality, elegance, minimalism and simplicity. Its Arabic dial, standard clock hands and dark clock face creates a stylish and practical accessory for hallways, bigger rooms and other common areas.

Handcrafted Modern Clock

Tinkertonk clock

This round-shaped modern wall clock makes a perfect accessory for a living room, hallway, kitchen or conference room. The clear diamante crystals fitted on the coated metal rods add to its style and sophistication. It is made of iron, aluminium alloy and frosted glass, which adds to its sturdiness and durability. The large and small metal rods break out from the monotony of similarly sized rods. The clock dial is made of a round aluminium alloy with accurate time signs and clock hands.

Unusual Large Moon Clock

Moon wall clock

This Karlsson clock is just the perfect centrepiece for your office or home office. Its name echoes the stunning printed moon graphics used on the piece. The grey and dark colours on the face of the clock create a sense of identity and a calming ambience in a home or office while the black and white hands blend in well with the rest of the graphics. This analogue wall clock is powered by Quartz and boasts a silent continuous movement. The clock makes a great gift for astronomy or space enthusiasts.

Sunburst Glass Wall Clock

Sunburst glass clock

This glass clock makes a simple and unusual accessory for decorating your living room, hallway, or bedroom. Its mirrored finish and bevelled segments add to its sophistication and exclusivity. The back and the hands have a dark colour to balance out the cream shade on the clock’s face. It comes with a fully flocked back that has pre-fitted hangers. In addition, it measures 55 cm in diameter, which is pretty reasonable if you are planning to make it the focal point of your living room. The clock uses high-quality quartz clock movement.

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