Unusual and Unique Gifts For Men

Are you looking for a gift for a male friend, relative or colleague?

The team here at Gifted Geek has trawled the web and found what are arguably the most unusual and unique gifts for men.

So whoever your gift is for, we think you’ll find the perfect present in our list below.

Unique Gifts For Him – Handpicked and Independently Chosen by Gifted Geek

All of the unusual and unique gifts you’ll find below have been independently chosen by the awesome folks here at Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a rush, here are our top two gifts. We think your gift recipient would love to receive one of these (we certainly would!):

#1 MIG 29 To The Edge of Space Flight

MIG 29 edge of space flights

This would make one unforgettable gift! The ultimate present for daredevil space enthusiasts takes them to the edge of space in this MIG 29 fighter. Reach the edge of space, at least 17km above ground level and possibly up to 22km if weather conditions permit. Currently, only astronauts in the Space Station can currently go higher than this. Push the limits by flying at an incredible Mach 2 and break through the service ceiling of most fast jets with this incredible experience.

#2 Fully Automated and Computerised Telescope

computerised telescope

We think a modern powerful telescope would make the perfect gift for any man. This telescope has high-quality optics, a 4″ mirror giving stunning views of the night sky and advanced features such as a database of more than 40,000 solar system and deep space objects which it will automatically locate. This gift is of the highest quality but also perfect for beginners, due to its automation, easily locate planets and stars.

The Complete Gift List 3- 29

#3 Perpetual Roller Coaster Kit

One for the engineers and those who love to build intricate things. This roller coaster takes around 5 -7 hours to create and once started will be an eye catching feature of any room. Check out the video on Amazon for more details.

#4 DJI Drone Quad Copter

Why not offer a quadcopter as a gift to a drone enthusiast? These devices have become highly common, and they are incredibly affordable. Make sure you look for a drone with a first-person view camera since these are easy to pilot from a distance. Also, look for a sturdy product that will not break down easily.

#5 Unique Levitating Plant and Pot

Perhaps one of the most unusual gifts you can buy, this lightweight plant pot levitates due to the power of magnets. This eye catching and unsual gift has to be seen to be believed and would look great on any desk or in any home.

#6 Grass Flips Flops For Summer Lovers

Do you know someone who loves their garden in the summer? Give them the unique gift or soft grass under their feet, all year round! These flip flops come complete with soft artificial grass and will make your male friend smile.

#7 Stylish Glass Globe Decanter

This quality wine and whiskey decanter is made from etched glass and sits on a curved glass cradle. This stylish, unusual and practical globe decanter is sure to impress and would look great in any home.

#8 Camera Lens Coffee Cup

Anyone who loves photography will appreciate this mug. It is designed to resemble an actual camera lens and is even the same size as a real photography lens. You can also use this cup to keep your beverages warm or cold. All you need to do is replace the leak-proof and spill-proof lens lid.

#9 Shaving Bib For Messy Men

Every man is irritated by the mess caused when shaving. You can get the Beard Buddy Shaving Bib to solve this particular problem. It is designed to attach to a mirror with strong suction cups that will hold your shaving in place. It also comes with adjustable fastener straps and a travel bag.

#10 Ray Gun Nose and Ear Trimmer

Nose and ear hair are normal, but just like natural head hair, they need to be shaved once in a while. This battery-operated nose trimmer will get rid of your nose and ear hairs. All you need to do is pull the trigger to activate the spinning action. The tool has a nice gun-like design.

#11 Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Seasoned and beginner golfers occasionally misplace their balls. These glasses are designed to highlight the white balls against the common golfing surfaces, making it easier to locate them. Blue tinted lenses help the white balls stand out. The glasses are designed to fit almost all golfers, even over their regular glasses.

#12 Knob Mug – Funny/Rude Mug

The Thumbs Up knob mug offers a simple and efficient method of showing appreciation to someone. It is made of ceramic and has an actual doorknob for a handle. The mug can be hand-washed just like any other cup, but it cannot be put in the microwave or dishwasher.

#13 Bedside Storage Caddy

This storage caddy is designed to be installed on the bedside. It has four pockets that can be used for the storage of small items like magazines and glasses. That way, you will not have to fumble around in the morning as you try to collect your items. The bag is designed for any decor.

#14 The Unique Gift of – Nothing

If you are searching for a gift for someone who practically has everything you can think of, you can choose to prank them by offering them the gift of nothing. This item will just be a ball of air. The manufacturers are ready to give you a refund if they accidentally pack a product.

#15 Dog Treat Launcher

A pet lover will appreciate this feeding tool. It is just meant to launch snacks at pets in a fun way. You can launch the snacks to a distance of 10 feet and watch him run after it. The launcher does not run on batteries, so you will not need to worry about regular battery replacements.

#16 Robot Carpet & Floor Hoover

The ultimate present for lazy fellas that hate house cleaning! This robot hoover will work its way around the home, removing dust and debris from the flooring and carpets. It will even make its own way back to the charging station for a power top-up.

#17 Golf Ball Retriever Light

Golf balls are expensive to replace. If you have lost a few of them after a playing session, you can use this ball retriever to find them. It illuminates balls in low light conditions, making them stand out. The retriever light will help you recover any balls that are at least slightly exposed.

#18 Motherboard Chopping Board

This is a glass chopping board that is designed to resemble an actual motherboard. It can be a great gift for tech geeks who also happen to be great in the kitchen. The glass is scratch proof and very tough. To prevent slipping, it is designed with rubber feet. It can be hand-cleaned quite easily.

#19 Arm Chair Storage Caddy

To keep your sofa tidy and clean, you can use the armchair caddy. It has pockets for the storage of drinks, phones, files, and other small items. The caddy can be used for a very long time as it has anti-bacterial elements. When you are not using it, the product can be folded for storage.

#20 An Unusual Gift – Scratch Map

Travel enthusiasts will be impressed with this gift. The scratch map allows you to scratch off the places you have travelled to. This will reveal the beauty-styled world map poster underneath. The map is printed on a silk art paper. To remove the gloss coating, you can scratch with a coin.

#21 Grow Your Own Hot Peppers

This is the ultimate gift for any man who claims he can handle the heat. The Hot Chilli Peppers packet contains extra hot Habanero seeds, coconut husk starter pots, wooden plant markers, and coconut husk compost disks that expand when watered. This product can be a choking hazard, so make sure you state all warnings beforehand.

#22 Man Cave Essentials

This is a cruelty-free product that can be thrown in any man’s gym bag. It is basically an on-the-go grooming kit. The package contains Cedarwood shower gel, caffeine shampoo, Original moisturiser, Eucalyptus deodorant, and a cleanser. The wash bag also looks and feels great. Being a ManCave product, you can expect it to be high-quality.

#23 Helicopter Buzz Ride

You can also choose to treat your friend to a helicopter ride. This gift will give them the chance to experience the world from above. There are many locations where they can take this ride. The gift is fully exchangeable, so it will definitely not go to waste if he is unable to make the trip.

#24 Unusual Gift – Magnetic Globe

The team here at Gifted Geek has a thing for magnetic gifts, especially those that involve spinning or levitating parts! We think this floating and rotating globe would look great on any desk. Powered by strong magnets, this gift is sure to turn heads and is ideal for an office environment.

#25 Good Pub Guide 2019

Everyone appreciates a good drink. The Good Pub Guide has been revised multiple times in the past, and this only shows how useful it is to the public. It lists the best pubs in each county. These pubs are not just listed for their alcoholic drinks- their foods and accommodation are also reviewed thoroughly.

#26 DIYers Magnetic Wristband

If you are always dropping metallic items when working, then this product will suit you. It can comfortably fit the wrists of almost all adults. The band is meant to pick up any screws or small metallic items that may drop as you work. It is made using a breathable mesh.

#27 “Do I Look Like a People Person” Mug

If you’re buying a gift for a fun-loving man, you should consider getting him this mug. It is very high in quality. Other manufacturers print the words on to the mugs, but in this particular one, the words are part of the mug. It is made of ceramic and can be put in the microwave and dishwasher.

#28 Fart Extinguisher Air Spray

This is a unique novel gift that can create a fun time. It is designed just like a fire extinguisher and is operated more or less the same way. To get rid of a fart smell, you just need to point at the farter and squeeze the nozzle. It has a strong sweet scent.

#29 Chocolate Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are healthy and highly nutritious. However, they taste terrible. That is why you need to buy your friend the chocolate Brussel sprouts as an alternative. These foods look just like regular Brussel sprouts, but they are made of chocolate. This gift is ideal for both young and older men.

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