The Best Science Kits and Educational Science Toys For Kids

The great thing about science kits is their ability to pique the interestĀ of youngsters.

Encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking whilst having fun at the same time with our selection of the best science kits.

From the vast depths of space to the intricate laws that govern the world we live in, a good science kit can be the beginning of a lifelong educational journey.

To help you source the best science kids for kids, we’ve created this ultimate buying guide.

Handpicked by the Folks at Gifted Geek

Each of the science-based kits listed here has been independently chosen and handpicked by the folks behind Gifted Geek.

We’ve sourced a diverse selection of packs that cover many topics within the sciences.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top two favourite products:

#1 Science Mad Chemistry Kit

The science-curious kids in your family can have maximum fun with this collection of safe but satisfying experiments. The set comes with an assortment of nineteen different chemicals in plastic containers, and more than twenty pieces of equipment with which to explore their new-found substances. They will really look the part of a lab scientist thanks to the array of test tubes, conical flasks, beakers, a spirit burner, and, of course, trusty safety goggles.

No budding scientist’s look is complete without safety goggles!

#2 Science Experiments

British scientist Robert Winston has released a true masterpiece in Science Experiments. There are dozens of experiments that can be done at home and the book has detailed instructions, including over 300 high-quality photos to help you along your journey.

While not a kit, this is the ultimate hands-on science guide book for inquisitive young children.

The Top 25

#3 Frightful First Experiments

A brilliant kit for the science-loving little ones in your life, this Frightful First Experiments kit has lots to satisfy curiosity. With vivid and enticing colours, the set provides some interesting liquids, miniature equipment, and other fun accessories that are more than enough to keep children entertained. A fun forty-page booklet is provided and is filled with experiment directions, giving all the details for what to do with the test tubes, magnifying glass, food colouring, petri dish, slim pot, and squishy eyeballs that are included!

#4 Electronics Circuits Kit

This is a brilliant, no-nonsense kit for any young person who is interested in the mechanics and details of electricity. With a total of fifty-eight different projects to build and investigate, the relatively small set packs a massive punch. Just a few of the many experiment included are lamps, fans, Morse code, and a doorbell. The set incorporates the use of light, magnets, and hand and sound control to ensure the most extensive and diverse electronic experience possible. Even better, it comes with a full lifetime guarantee.

#5 Rainbow Lab Experiments

This is a really fun and colourful kit that makes science vibrant and accessible for young learners. Including being able to grow jelly-like crystals, kids are encouraged to create a rainbow effect of colours using the test tube technology that is included. Complete with a twenty-four-page booklet that boasts twelve different experiments, the set is great value for money and comes equipped with goggle, a test tube rack, food colouring, rainbow glasses, stickers, plastic cups, a notepad, a mirror, and much more!

#6 Really Rotten Experiments

From the fun but naughty creators over at Horrible Science, this is a kit that will really turn your stomach, but hopefully in an entertaining and interesting way! A combination of cool science and cool pranks, this kit is perfect for any child who likes the idea of hiding a fake cockroach in a soap mould or wreaking havoc with a fake poo! And if those experiments aren’t disgusting enough, you can also make you own vomit, create some gooey green slime, and even make the most of a fake plastic stomach!

#7 Snap Circuits Junior Kit

This is an award-winning kit that helps young science buffs to learn about the wonders of circuitry. It contains thirty different snap together parts that can combine to make a total of one hundred different and exciting finished projects. Thanks to a really clear and concise manual that contains illustrated instructions, kids can put together things like burglar alarms and doorbells, all with ease from this single set. And no need to worry if you mislay the instruction manual, there is a digital version accessible online.

#8 Magnetic Lab by Galt

This is a really fun kit that shows young science learners all of the interesting fun that can be had using the power of magnets. From driving a race car without touching it to making fun rattlesnake sounds, to performing an amazing levitation trick, simple magnets have never been so much fun! The set comes with a helpful twenty-four-page booklet filled with experiment suggestions, and the kit itself boasts multiple accessories from a magnetic wand to four ring magnets to marbles, racing cars, and much more.

#9 Primary Science Lab Set

Perfect for budding scientists of primary school age, this Primary Science lab kit helps to make science accessible to youngsters with a passion for practical experiments. It is one of the best sets out there for really tiny hands, with miniature tools and apparatus to make the fun play learning feel like a really authentic event. Something particularly handy about this set is its inclusion of ten wipe clean activity cards, enabling youngsters to get stuck in and messy without running the risk of ruining important parts.

#10 Volcano Science Kit

Is there anything better than a big old-fashioned explosion? The answer you are looking for is no! Thanks to this amazing kit you can recreate one of nature’s most spectacular sights in your own home; an amazing volcano eruption. The kit comes with absolutely everything that you need to create your own volcanic scene, from the raw building materials to the paint, to the all-important chemicals to make things go boom! In addition to the fun recreation, you also get a set of real volcanic rocks to add to a scientific collection including pumice, obsidian arrowhead, and a geode specimen.

#11 Worm World by My Living World

This Worm World Kit by My Living World provides the perfect start up for children looking to explore the wonders of nature and the animal kingdom at one of its most basic levels. The kit provides you with absolutely everything you need to create a nurturing and thriving environment for an earth worm colony. The only thing mum and dad have to do it buy a few living worms to throw into the mix upon completion! The clear glass viewing walls allow kids to really get to grips with the eco system that they have created for their new pets. Satisfying and scientific all at the same time.

#12 Solar System Planetarium

There is something about the stars and the solar system in general that really captures the imagination of young people, and this incredible planetarium kit is the perfect antidote for a science hungry little star gazer. The entire finished structure measures a 30cm span, and the different planets can all be seen in the darkness of a bedroom thanks to their glow in the dark properties. It is the task of the child to assemble, paint, and highlight each piece, before putting it somewhere in pride of place to marvel at the space themed achievement.

#13 Kidz Labz Crystal Set

Suitable for ages 14 and over, this is a more advanced science kit that showcases the wonders of crystals. The kit encourages users to conduct their own chemical experiments, forming and growing peculiar and spectacular crystal structures in the process. Upon completion of the set, the budding scientist will be left with a set of cool aquamarine crystal clusters, glow in the dark crystal clusters, and even a special crystal tree. It’s the perfect science set for someone interested in keeping and showcasing their experiments.

#14 Water Rocket Science Kit

You know you are in for some good old-fashioned home made scientific fun with this kit! Harnessing the power of water, young kids (with the help of a parent, if you want to be safe), can assemble a rocket that has the potential to fly up to an impressive ten meters. It is the stuff of childhood fun and memories, and something that would make a perfect birthday present for any youngster who likes to use their imagination and make the most of their outdoor and practical surroundings.

#15 Body Bones Skeleton Set

There isn’t anything much cooler than our own human body, and this is showcased brilliantly in this fun and vibrant body and bones science set. Making use of moulds and strong magic dough, kids are encouraged to make their own bones and paint them to realistic levels, along with a number of fun and interesting human body experiments that come together on an included organs play mat. This set makes for a great way to teach children about the basics of human anatomy.

#16 Experimental Greenhouse

Botany is an area of science that doesn’t always enjoy the same amount of exposure in the ‘children’s science’ department, but this cool set is the perfect antidote for that problem. Kids can learn about seeds and plants by conducting a series of hands-on experiments, all inside a specially designed botanical laboratory that has fun greenhouse domes incorporated. You can do interesting things like construct your own automatic watering system and grow real products like cress, zinnia flowers and beans.

#17 Stepping Into Science

Perfect for ages five and up as an introduction to the wonders of science, this kit by Little Labs contains a total of twenty-five different experiments for young children to enjoy. It focuses on the different impacts that air and water can have and comes complete with a colourful and vibrant forty-eight-page manual filled with easy to understand instructions. It is great educational fun that achieves the perfect balance between entertainment and education for youngsters, setting them on the path to loving science for the rest of their lives!

#18 Illusion Science Pack

The is a really fun set that pulls back the curtain of illusions and explains the science behind some of the most popular examples. It features over twenty different activities including things like creating your own 3D pictures, and the pack boasts all of the necessary tools to get started straight out of the box. Recommended for ages eight and over, this is the kind of set that shows kids science doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be applied to tricks and illusions that become even cooler when you can understand exactly how they work and are then able to replicate them for unknowing friends!

#19 Robotic Building Kit

I mean, what kid in the world doesn’t want to build their very own robot? Gift your little one hours of scientific fun with this kit that sees than construct not one, not two, not three, but four different remote controlled machines. Make your way through from the tank to the racing car, to the bug and the knight, all challenging but fun projects to complete. Each build takes between 35 minutes and two hours to complete, gradually increasing in difficulty as your child’s skills improve.

#20 DNA Science Toolkit

The science behind DNA is still super cool to consider for adults, let along kids! This is a super interesting kit that opens up the world of molecular biology for younger minds, making it really accessible. Tasks include extracting DNA from a fruit, probing and spooling, building a double helix, and even solving a chromosome puzzle. This is an ideal kit for a kid who wants to be challenged slightly more compared to others, and it comes with a comprehensive forty-page booklet to ensure you understand every step of the way.

#21 Chemistry Pack C500

This is a very cool start chemistry kid for any child with a passion for scientific learning, from the people at the award winning Thames & Kosmos. Really extensive for its price, the kit covers the seven central areas of chemistry across twenty eight classic experiments. It comes complete with a thirty-two-page coloured experiment manual to make sure that you understand every step of the way. Chemistry being chemistry, a little adult supervision is always recommended, but that makes the fun and thrill even bigger for your budding scientist partner!

#22 Science Weather Station

This is a really fun kit that allows you to track changes in the weather using classic scientific methods. Children can learn facts about the weather and even do experiments that help them to understand the nature of the greenhouse effect. Accessories like a thermometer, wind vane, compass, rain gauge, and anemometer are all included, making the kit a complete home run for young weather enthusiasts. Being one of the more advanced kits on the list, the Weather Station is recommended for children over the age of ten years old, with adult supervision advised.

#23 Electric Potato Clock

This is an oldie, but still a certified goodie! Young kids will be absolutely fascinated and astounded at the prospect of making a working, electronic clock with a humble potato. It’s the kind of experiment that can make a child fall instantly in love with physics and science, opening up their eyes to the endless possibilities of the human imagination and intellect. Compared to some of the other kits, it is more basic with less flashy parts, but there is something so classic and satisfying about a potato clock!

#24 Build a Solar Rover

Kids love space, it’s as simple as that! The sight of a real Mars rover is a thing to behold, and you can replicate a little bit of that wonder in small scale form with this kit that gets children to construct their very own working replica. It will run smoothly on a flat floor surface on a sunny day, powered by the small solar panels that you are required to attach to make the whole thing work. Recommended for ages eight and up, but guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

#25 Arduino Programming Kit

Something for the more advanced, perhaps young teen in your life is this super cool programming starter kit. It might look like a mess of cables and batteries to some, but for a young person interested in electronics it represents a whole world of possibilities. This is an upgraded starter kit with a power supply module, 9V battery with dc, and is one of the highest quality kits you will find for the price and the target age, as well as the benefit of a free PDF tutorial that features more than twenty-two lessons.

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