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If you’re looking for a science-themed gift, perhaps for a teacher, lecturer, work colleague or any other adult that has an interest in the sciences, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve trawled the web and found what we think are the best science gifts available to buy.

If you would like to see the best science kits and educational toys for children, try this page instead.

Independently Chosen by the Team Behind Gifted Geek

All of the adult science gifts listed on this page have been curated and independently chosen by the folks behind Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top two gifts:

#1 3D Printer

3D printer gift

This printer is excellent for both beginner and experienced 3D printing lovers. It has a number of impressive features that make it one of the most popular machines currently on the market. The printer has a decent print volume, a compact design and produces high-quality prints. It has a tight filament pathway that allows it to churn out prints in TPU, PLA, and ABS. Additionally, the printer also comes with Cura which slices STL files to Gcode.

#2 Elements Clock

Science clock

This periodic table wall clock will make any chemistry nerd smile from ear to ear. It has a fun design and replaces the numbers found on a clock with periodic table elements having corresponding atomic numbers.

The antique wood clock measures approximately 30cm and comes with a hook to hang it on.

An awesome clock which we here at Gifted Geek think would make a great gift.

The Complete List

#3 Wonders Collection – Brian Cox

Wonders DVD Collection

This four-disc collection brings together two fascinating documentary series – wonders of the solar system and wonders of the universe – presented by Professor Brian Cox. The former focuses on how the law of physics carved natural wonders across the solar system. It uses evidence found in the natural world to explain the key principles that underpin the laws of nature such as matter, gravity, and light. The latter is a follow-up series that explains who we are, where we come from and why we exist.

#4 Teacher’s Assistant Cotton Bag

Gift bag cotton

A hand-made tote bag is a great way to express gratitude to a teacher assistant. This bag is made from the finest material and has a vibrant print that doesn’t crack or fade. It’s worth mentioning that it is 100% cotton and is ethically produced.

#5 Sussed Family Card Game

Card game for adults

Sussed card game is a family-friendly game that uncovers players’ likes, dislikes, opinions, wishes and reactions among other attitudes. It’s fun, easy to play and makes a great gift for kids, teenagers, young adults, colleagues, teachers and even seniors. Additionally, the game is pocket-sized so the user can carry it with him/her anywhere. This game boosts creative thinking as players need the power of reason and intuition to discover who knows who best.

#6 Think Like a Proton Mug

Proton science mug

This coffee mug will help the science enthusiast in your life celebrate Chemistry behind their drink. It has the wording ‘Think Like A Proton And Stay Positive’ printed on both sides. The product is of good quality and does not fade with regular use and washing.

#7 Elements T-Shirt Gift

T shirt gift

The elements t-shirt makes a perfect gift for your favourite chemistry nerd. This unisex t-shirt comes in different sizes and designs. Additionally, it is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. While its a little bit more expensive compared to other options available on the market, the quality is worth it.

#8 This is Going to Hurt

Medical humour book

A perfect gift for anyone who works in the NHS or the medical sector, including students. This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay charts the diaries of a junior doctor working in the UK’s National Health Service. From tales of toe curling horror to laugh-out-loud anecdotes, Adam Kay takes you on a journey through the painful world of junior doctors working in a cash-strapped NHS.

#9 Funny Drinking Mug Gift

Funny gift mug

This is another great gift for a teacher, provided they have a sense of humour! Make your teacher or lecturer smile with this humourous mug. Perfect for end of year gifts, stocking fillers and secret santa gifts.

#10 How Not to Die Nutrition Book

How not to die

Written by the renowned nutrition expert, Dr. Michael Greger, How Not to Die is not only a great gift for the health-conscious person but is also a great way to introduce healthy eating to your loved ones. It examines the top causes of premature death and explains how nutritional and lifestyle changes can help us live longer. The book also has a checklist of twelve foods we should consume every day.

#11 DNA Tree Wall – Colourful Art

DNA tree artwork

This art is printed using high-quality archival pigment ink on acid-free heavyweight fine art paper. It is a fantastic gift for any Biology or Chemistry student and is a great addition to any home or office. The watercolour print is available in different sizes and can be applied to any smooth surface including doors, walls, and glass.

#12 Milky Way Sculpture

Glass galaxy sculpture

The galaxy crystal is an optical block etched with a 3D model of the Milky Way. The delicate disk, the bright stars along the spiral arms and the barred core are drawn here as they would look from intergalactic space. This sculpture is a great gift for anyone who loves the universe and wants to know more about space. To avoid scratches on the desk or mantel and for optimal display, consider purchasing a rubber stand.

#13 Galaxy Hanging Wall Art

Hanging wall art

This wall decoration is a great way for the galaxy lovers in your life to show their love for the universe in the home. There are a variety of artworks to choose from including starry stars, the Milky Way, nebulas, to name a few. The art is made of 100% polyester fabric for durability and endurance. The nice thing about this hanging wall art is that it is practical and multifunctional. In addition to being a wall decoration, it can be used as a tablecloth, bed cover, bedspread, and a curtain. It’s also perfect to take along to a picnic or the beach.

#14 Funny Science Mug

Science - funny mug gift

This amusing science mug is a great novelty gift for any chemistry lover on your list. It has the wording “Never Trust An Atom They Make Up Everything” with an image of an atom. This design is on both sides of the mug.
The mug is a nice size and of good quality. It makes a great gift for any occasion.

#15 Resistance Is Not Futile Mug

Resistance not futile mug

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique to gift that science lover in your life, this may just be the thing. This item isn’t just a mug – it’s a statement piece. It has the wording “Resistance Is Not Futile It’s Voltage Divided By Current” printed around it. The mug is printed with non-toxic, earth-friendly inks.

#16 Physics Funny Wall Picture

physics wall picture

This wall picture is a great gift for physics enthusiasts who love a good laugh. The artwork is a downloadable JPG file and not an actual print. Therefore, you’ll have to frame it yourself before gifting your loved one.

#17 Black Hole Cufflinks

Black hole cufflinks

These molecular formula cufflinks are a great gift for that science lover who likes to look dapper. They have thick strengthening clasps and are sturdy and durable. The special and unique design makes them a perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, graduation, and winter holidays.

#18 Dopamine Molecule Necklace

Dopamine silver necklace

This statement necklace will help spice up your favourite science lover’s wardrobe. The dopamine molecule is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres including happiness. This molecule necklace makes a cute gift and is a great way to let the gift recipient know how happy they make you.

#19 Caffiene Molecule Necklace

Coffee molecule necklace

This coffee molecule necklace is an impressive gift for caffeine lovers and chemistry enthusiasts. It is available in two colours – gold tone and silver tone. The necklace is great for everyday wear and for special occasions. The necklace is made from alloy and has a lobster claw clasp. It makes a wonderful gift for many occasions including Mother’s Day, birthday, graduation, and anniversary.

#20 Science & Chemistry Clock

Science wall clock

This vintage style wall clock is a great addition to any home or office. The nice thing is that it suits both vintage and modern interior designs.
It is made of a real vinyl record and features a non-ticking quartz mechanism. Additionally, it is customizable – you can add seven-colour LED lights to it.

#21 Floating Levitation Globe

Floating globe

The rotating levitation globe is sure to impress that science lover in your life. It features a 3.3-inch globe which is suspended in mid-air by magnetic technology. The globe also rotates 180 degrees while hanging in the air. A built-in sensor automatically controls the rotation status and speed of the globe. It comes with LED lights that illuminate the top of the globe. This item has a black C shaped base made from ABS and coated with rubber oil.

#22 Galileo Thermometer


The Galileo thermometer is another great gift for any science lover. It combines a unique sense of style with functionality. The thermometer is made of a sealed glass cylinder and contains a clear liquid and five floating balls of varying density. It works on the principle that the density of a liquid changes as temperature changes. Consequently, as the temperature changes, the floating balls rise or fall in proportion to their respective density as well as the density of the surrounding liquid.

#23 Storm Prediction Glass Gift

Storm glass gift

This mysterious weather predictor is sure to intrigue anyone on your list. It is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted cylinder that contains a transparent liquid. It predicts the weather by showing different shapes based on the temperature and weather changes. The storm glass can predict weather up to 48 hours in advance. While the method by which the storm glass works is still a mystery, some people believe that the changes in crystal structure have to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by sun storms and weather.

#24 Gömböc Equilibrium Gift

Gömböc gift

The Gömböc is another gift that will delight your favourite science nerd. It is the first and only known object with two equilibria – one stable and one unstable equilibrium point – on a horizontal surface. The different versions of this item are available in aluminium, steel, bronze, and plexiglass. Swinging the Gömböc helps anyone think of their problems, draw inspiration and remind themselves that it takes a little time to restore balance in life.

#25 Helicone by PlayableArt

Helicone art

Designed by John Edmark, the helicone magically transforms between a pine cone and a helix with a simple, quick twist. It is made of thirty-eight laser-cut wood pieces assembled on a brass tube. It also has a wood stand that displays the aesthetic structure of its helix or cone shape. The item is inspired by nature and is based on the Golden Angle and Fibonacci Numbers.

#26 3D Art Sculpture

The last gift idea on our list is the classic 3D art sculpture pin impression board. With this artboard, the recipient can create amazing 3D sculptures by pressing their hands, feet, face or any everyday objects onto the pins. The impression remains intact for as long as the object is not disturbed. It’s a great education toy for kids as it helps to improve their creativity and imagination.

Did You Like Our List of Science Gift Ideas?

The team here at Gifted Geek really enjoyed sourcing these awesome science-themed gift ideas.

With so many great scientific gifts to choose from, we don’t think you’ll have any problems finding a suitable gift for your teacher, lecturer or friend who has an interest in the sciences.

If you have a suggestion, perhaps an awesome science gift that we’ve missed from our list, contact us here.

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