35 Awesome Gifts For Cat Lovers

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Do you know a crazy cat lover or owner that has a soft spot for four-legged feline friends?

The team here at Gifted Geek has trawled the web and curated what we think are the best gifts for cat lovers!

From personalised items to treats and techy gifts, the list below is extensive.

Gifts Perfect For Cat Lovers – Curated by Gifted Geek

All of the cat gift ideas listed on this page have been curated and independently chosen by the awesome folks behind Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favourite gifts. We think your recipient would love to receive one of these cat-themed gifts:

#1 Hilarious Cat Book

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

One of our favourite gifts for cat owners with a sense of humour. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by Oatmeal is hilarious, witty and crude. Be warned, your cat will know you’ve read this book and will almost certainly adjust tactics. This book is a New York Times best seller and we think you’ll love it!

#2 Tractive Cat GPS

Tractive cat GPS

The perfect gift for cats that have a tendency to disappear frequently or even cat owners curious to see how far their pet has wandered. This GPS tag is small enough to fit on a collar, you can see where the pet is via a mobile app in real time. The folks here at Gifted Geek love tech products and you don’t get much techier than this.

The Complete List

#3 Ceramic Coffee Cat Cup

Ct ceramic mug

This cute and quirky mug is the ideal gift for that person in your life who loves cats as much as they love coffee! The mug is made of high-quality ceramic materials and suitable for hot or cold drinks. Meanwhile, the eye-catching design is sure to bring a smile to the face of any cat-loving friend, colleague or partner.

#4 Silver Cat Earrings/Studs

Silver cat earrings

These beautifully feline earrings, made from quality silver and studded with bright crystals in the collar and tail areas, make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for cat lovers! Packaged in an elegant gift box, the earrings are understated, delicate and graceful, but make a delightfully personal fashion statement. Make your partner’s special day purr-fect with these earrings!

#5 Scratching Cat Cushion Case

Cushion case

This pillowcase comes with a mischievous moggy sliding down and makes an excellent cover for a comfort cushion on either a sofa or a bed. It’s a great expressive gift for a colleague or friend with a special fondness for cats (or treat yourself!). The pillowcase is also soft and comfortable, and makes an ideal headrest for reading, watching TV or catching a quick catnap!

#6 Hanging Radiator Bed

Radiator bed

Here’s a perfect Christmas gift for those long winter months. Cats love a nice warm bed, and this radiator bed comes with a strong metal frame to evenly support the cat’s weight. The radiator bed is a unique and thoughtful way to make a cat owner you’re close to (or perhaps the work colleague you drew in the office Secret Santa!) very happy this Christmas!

#7 Frosted Wine Glasses

Wine glasses for cat lovers

We loved the quality finish to these cat-themed frosted wine glasses which are sold as a pair. Handcrafted in a London studio and eight inches tall, we think these premium and unique glasses would be a great gift for any wine-loving cat owner. Impress your friend, relative or work colleague with a set of these classy wine glasses.

#8 Cat Scratching Tower

This three-tier scratching post and play station is perfect for anyone who has a young cat who loves to play! The scratching post is tough and durable to help keep those claws in shape, there are three dangling toy mice for your feline friend to hunt, plus three viewing platforms and a hammock for when it’s time to take a break from the fun.

#9 Pet Mate Drinking Fountain

Cat Mate drinking fountain

This water dispenser provides fresh, filtered drinking water for your cat, with a double waterfall for added entertainment! The dispenser also caters to cats large and small with three levels to drink from, and the pump is isolated in order to minimise noise. A perfect gift for someone who likes their beloved kitty to have nothing but the very best.

#10 Cat Ring Holder

Know somebody who loves to wear rings? This kitty-shaped ring holder is perfect for them! It’s equally useful as a memorable place to keep rings on days they’re not being worn, or a safekeeping station by the sink or shower. The stunning chrome finish also makes it very attractive to the eye and is a great gift for cat lovers and owners.

#11 Rules For Non-Pet Owners

Wall plaque with rules for non-pet owners

This fun, cat lovers metal plaque lets non-pet-owning visitors to your home know exactly how important your pets are in your life! A great gift and attractive accessory for any pet-friendly home, this 15 x 20 cm plaque has a high-quality gloss finish and comes with holes pre-drilled for wall hanging.

#12 Cotton Cat Socks

Cat socks

These quirky cotton cat socks are ideal for all seasons, and so make a perfect birthday or Christmas present for a cat-loving work colleague or friend! Allow someone close to you to express their inner cat with these cute socks, whether they’re going for a run, heading to work or just sitting with their feet up on the sofa!

#13 Funny Cat Mug

Funny cat mug

This slightly naughty cat mug is perfect as a gift for that grumpy cat in your life, who loves their tea or coffee but doesn’t like to be disturbed before they’ve had their first of the morning! The design is on both sides (just to make sure everyone gets the message), so let this cheeky cat say what you really shouldn’t – get the fluff out!

#14 Cat Tealight Holder

Tealight holder

This beautiful, hand-carved tealight holder is the perfect gift for someone who likes to curl up in the evening with blankets, candles, and of course with a cat! Suitable for bedsides and mantlepieces alike, this pretty kitty is ideal for that special person you know for whom cats are, quite literally, the light of their life!

#15 Cat Fairy/Party Lights

Party lights - cat themed

These cats really make a house a home. This string of twenty cat-shaped fairy lights will add a warm glow to any household, whether it’s around the Christmas tree or just on the walls at any time of year! Subtly strung together on silver wire, adorn your home with these happy kitties for a tasteful cat-themed ambience.

#16 Cat Desk Lamp

This groovy cat nightlight changes colour at the touch of a finger – starting with regular soft white light, but then showcasing seven different colours, whatever you feel like! It’s portable and would be a perfect gift for cat lovers who enjoy camping or late-night reading. It would also make a fun gift for anyone with young children.

#17 Funny Hanging Wall Sign

Cat themed hanging wall sign

Do you know somebody who just can’t get enough of kitties? This hilarious sign is the ideal gift for that wonderful crazy cat person in your life! It’s a great way to share your love of cats with the world, as well as a cute and personal gift for a close friend or a partner. And it’s perfect for chocolate-lovers too!


#18 Cat Chalkboard

Cat chalkboard

Have you ever wondered if cats can speak, or do you know somebody who is sure their cat can speak? This kitty-themed chalkboard is the perfect way for such cat-whisperers to record the thoughts of their beloved pets! It’s an ideal gift for a cat-lover with a sense of humour and an inventive side, and a great way of letting your cat’s thoughts be known!

#19 Cat Lovers Bag

Funny cat bag

This bag is the perfect gift for a special somebody who loves cats but doesn’t like stupid questions! As well as being useful at work or when doing the shopping, this bag takes no-nonsense and should guarantee a nice, quiet day. Except when you get home, of course – but then the cat will only be extra happy to see you with this bag!

#20 Unique Cat Wine Glass

Wine glass with cat etched theme

What’s the only thing as comforting as a glass of wine at the end of a long day? A snuggle with your favourite cat, of course – now the two come together in this elegant wine glass, featuring a gorgeous engraving of a cat and bringing all the good things in life into one place. An ideal gift for a housemate or partner.

#21 Crazy Cat Lady Hanging Sign

Everybody knows a crazy cat lady, and every crazy cat lady loves her cats and is so, so proud of them! Get the crazy cat lady in your life a way to tell the world how much her beloved kitties mean to her with this quirky sign which uses a cool vintage style for its design, but gets straight to the point with its message!

#22 Cat Themed Wind Chime

Cat themed wind chme

This elegant wind chime features two cats sitting happily side-by-side, and would make a perfect gift for a partner or a very close friend. The soothing sound of the wind chime is the perfect accompaniment for a relaxed evening spent in the company of a cat-lover you care for, and makes a touchingly personal gift.

#23 Fridge Magnet

A great little gift, perfect as a stocking filler. This humourous fridge magnet is sure to bring a smile to the recipients face. It has a gloss finish on the face and is manufactured in the UK. Displaying the words “I love cats, it’s humans that annoy me” this is a great prezzie for any cat lover.

#24 Printed Eco-Friendly Bag

Cat bag, printed one side

This bag is perfect for anyone you know who loves to shop, and who loves cats! With a comfortable handle and plenty of space inside, the bag also comes with an adorable image of a wide-eyed kitty on the side. The bag is laminated on the inside to ensure that it is weatherproof and wipe-clean. Unlike cats, it doesn’t mind getting caught in the rain!

#25 Glass Coasters

Glass coasters

The team here at Gifted Geek loved this set of 4 glass coasters. Each coaster is made with a different design and when stacked together creates the full picture you see in this photo. This simple and clever design is sure to impress your recipient, a great gift for any cat lovers out there.

#26 Fridge Magnet Rules

Fridge magnet for cat lovers

Measuring 6″ x 4″ and containing a set of humourous cat rules starting with “if you drop it, the 3 second rule applies” and finishing with “if you leave the fridge door open – thanks!” We think this would make a great stocking filler or birthday present for any cat owner with a sense of humour.

#27 Crazy Cat Lady Mug/Coaster Set

Mug and coaster gift for cat lovers

This is the ideal gift for a very special crazy cat lady who loves to drink her coffee while surrounded by her cats. With its elegant design, this is the purr-fect mug and coaster set to celebrate a lifetime of loving cats! If you know someone whose first thought in the morning is ‘I need cats… and I need coffee’, this one is for them.

#28 I Love My Cat Photo Frame

Photo frame gift for cat owners

Every cat lover has a more than a few photos of their precious pets, but there’s always one stand-out which is just the best expression of the beloved cat in question. The perfect picture deserves the perfect frame, and with its heartfelt message, this frame is the perfect gift for anyone you know who wants to say just how much they love their cat.

#29 Cat Themed House Sign

Custom house sign for cat lovers

This customisable cat sign is an elegant addition to the front of any home, especially that of a cat-lover! Complete with a fixing-up kit which includes the option of adding two lines of text in a choice of fonts, this would make a touching gift for a cat lover friend who has recently moved house – or indeed recently acquired a cat!

#30 Cute Hanging Sign

Cute hanging sign

This adorable sign is the perfect gift for any partner who you know will always love her or his cat at least as much as they love you! Alternatively, it also makes a great gift for any cat-lover and works equally well as a desk accessory or hung up in a bedroom. A tasteful and personal gift.

#31 Handmade Stone Cat

Stone cat gift

This beautiful miniature of a cat demurely licking its paw is handmade by artisans in Puglia, Italy, and carved out of an ancient local limestone known as ‘Pietra Leccese’. With such care going into its creation, it makes the perfect gift for someone close to you who perhaps is celebrating a milestone birthday for their cat such as 1 year, 5 years or 10 years.

#32 Cat Lovers Gift Bracelet

bracelet for cat owners

This cat-themed bracelet would make a wonderful variant on the classic charm bracelet for a cat-lover, and as charm bracelets are expressions of personality, having the cat take centre stage is the perfect way to say ‘cats are my charm!’ Perfect for a partner, or a family member who is fond of cats and jewellery.

#33 Cat Print Scarf

Cat print scarf

This gorgeous scarf is perfect for cat-loving fashionistas, and makes a beautiful gift for your partner on a special occasion. The material is soft without being overly bulky, and the scarf itself is casually elegant in a way that makes it ideal for a wide variety of occasions. It is also the perfect way of subtly showing your love of cats to the world!

#34 Cat Themed Makeup Pouch

This cute make-up pouch is a great way of keeping all your essentials in one place and is perfect for cat-loving girls. It comes with a cat-themed handheld mirror, too, so it doesn’t matter where you are: if you need to touch up and say ‘meow!’, you’re all set! It’s a perfect gift for a girlfriend or close female friend, with a tasteful, chic design.

#35 Programmable Pet Feeder

Automatic pet feeder

Perfect for cat and dog owners that work unusual hours, this programmable digital pet feeder allows you to feed your pet at set times throughout the day or night. Up to twelve events can be set and the device delivers both dry and wet food in portions ranging from 30ml to 950ml

What Do You Think of Our Cat Themed Gifts?

The folks here at Gifted Geek had immense fun sourcing these cat-themed gifts for cat owners and lovers, We think they’re all fabulous and would make ideal gifts for friends, colleagues and relatives.

With so many beautiful, techy and quirky gifts for you to choose from, we don’t think you’ll have any problems finding one from our list.

If you have a suggestion, perhaps an awesome cat product that we’ve missed from our curated list, you can contact us here.

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