20 Awesome and Funny Science-Themed and Geek T-Shirts

We think our list of handpicked and independently curated T-shirts are so good you’ll want to buy one either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, work colleague or relative.

We’ve trawled the web and found what we think are the best science and geeky T-shirts you can buy.

T-Shirts Handpicked by the Folks Here at Gifted Geek

All of the awesome T-shirts listed below have been chosen by the people behind Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favourites:

#1 Funny Work T-Shirt

Funny work T shirt

A great geeky gift for anyone who doesn’t like putting too much effort into their work! Contains the words ” Always give 100% at work” with a breakdown of how this effort should be divided throughout the week.

#2 Science Themed T-Shirt

Science T shirt

Bring a smile or two with this element of surprise T-shirt that is perfect for geeky science lovers. Made in the UK to high quality standards and gathering great reviews on Amazon, this would make a great gift.

The Complete List

#3 Resistance is Not Futile

A play on the immortal Star Trek words “resistance is not futile”, this T-shirt will appeal to both trekkies and science lovers. This product is available in several colours and sizes.

#4 Binary Explanation T-Shirt

A simple explanation of the binary system printed onto a high quality T-shirt. This is perfect as a geeky science/tech gift for anyone that works with computers or tech of any kind.

#5 Never Trust an Atom T-Shirt

This humorous T-shirt is printed with the words “Never trust an atom, they make up everything” and is available in several colours. A perfect gift for science lovers and any geeky nerds out there.

#6 Binary Easy-As T-Shirt

In binary to decimal “01” means one, “10” means two and “11” means three. Now you know binary, as you can see; it’s as easy as one, two, three. Available in several colours.

#7 Maths Pi Novelty T-Shirt

One for the mathematics geeks out there, this T-shirt which is available in several colours and sizes contains the letters mmm and the word Pi – the mathematical constant.

#8 Think Like a Proton T-Shirt

This is a colouful T-shirt and is printed with a proton logo and the words “think like a proton and stay positive. A perfect geeky gift for anyone interested in the sciences.

#9 Keep Calm and Do Science

This T-shirt contains one DNA symbol and one atom symbol along with the printed words “keep calm and do science”. A popular gift for science lovers.

#10 Geology Rocks T-Shirt

A T-shirt for anyone interested in geology, this would make another perfect gift. made from high quality cotton and printed with the words “geology rocks” which of course, it does.

#11 DNA Makes My Day T-Shirt

DNA makes up everything about you, including your day! This is a colourful T-shirt printed with the DNA symbol and is available in several sizes and colours.

#12 Nerdy Science T-Shirt

An admittedly nerdy T-shirt which displays the periodical elements to spell out the word “nerdy”. I May Be Nerdy But Only Periodically is a humourous gift for anyone interested in the sciences.

#13 Genius Periodic Table

Another T-shirt that uses the periodical elements to spell out a word. This time it’s printed with the word “genius” with the claim that “the periodic table can’t be wrong”.

#14 Maths Equation T-Shirt

Another quality T-shirt manufactured in the United Kingdom. This maths T-shirt displays an equation and the words “the first step is admitting you have a problem”. Available in several colours.

#15 Nasa Meatball T-Shirt

The perfect gift for space and science lovers is this coloured T-shirt displaying the Nasa “meatball” logo in blue, white and red. A popular choice of gift that is available in several base colours and sizes.

#16 Rubiks Cube T-Shirt

Do yo know someone who has a Rubiks cube addiction? This colourful and stylish T-shirt would make a great gift. The image contains a Rubiks cube and pots of paint pouring out colours.

#17 I Don’t Need Google

A perfect gift for wives to buy their husbands. Why use Google when your wife knows everything. This colourful T-shirt contains the Google logo and white text on a coloured background.

#18 Retro Gaming T-Shirt

A T-shirt targeted towards the retro gaming community – available in several deep colours and contains an image of a console and the words “old school gamer, classically trained, born to play”.

#19 Quantum Physics T-Shirt

One for physics lovers, this coloured T-shirt is made from cotton and displays the words “this t-shirt happily existed in all possible states until you observed it. Now it has collapsed into a single state”.

#20 WiFi Funny Printed T-Shirt

A great gift for anyone that spends too much time online. This T-shirt contains all you need in life; food, sleep and of course wi-fi. Available in several colours and sizes.

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