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If you’re looking for a funny gift, perhaps for a partner, friend or work colleague, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve trawled the web and found what we think are the best funny gifts you can buy.

We must warn you – some of our suggestions are adult-themed and not exactly child-friendly!

Handpicked by the Folks Here at Gifted Geek

All of the funny gifts listed below have been handpicked and independently chosen by the people behind Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favourites, one for him and one for her:

#1 Willy Grooming Kit

Will care kit gift set

The perfect funny gift for husbands and boyfriends who may need a little encouragement to keep things trim and tidy downstairs.

Make your partner smile and giggle with our #1 funniest gift idea – the unforgettable willy grooming kit.

This funny gift even comes complete with an evening wearable.

#2 Funny Drinking Glass

Drinking glass gift

This cheeky glass is sure to put a smile on your friend or partners face.

The “before 5” end can be used for tea and coffee and “after 5” can be used to hold a glass of wine.

If you know a friend who can’t survive without coffee during the day and a few glasses of wine in the evening, this would be the perfect gift for them.

The Complete List

#3 Offensive Party Balloons

Offensive party balloon gift

Forget cheery, happy and optimistic balloon messages, these offensive party balloons are bleak, crude and downright abusive. Painted black for extra bleakness, try this unusual gift if you know someone who appreciates dark humour.

#4 Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Monopoly game for cheaters

The famous game of monopoly now has a new twist, you can get away with bending the rules and outright cheating. Only receive a punishment if you get caught. Keep your eyes on your opponents with this novel twist on the original Monopoly.

#5 Images You Shouldn’t Masturbate to (Book)

Funny book gift

A stocking filler or secret Santa gift that’ll make the recipient smile and giggle. Images You Should Not Masturbate To is the ultimate daft, crude and utterly pointless gift for the discerning masturbator.

#6 Bring Me Wine Women’s Socks

Funny socks

Calling all wine lovers! We just love these novelty socks, emblazoned with the words “if you can read this – bring me some wine”. A great addition to y our stocking or birthday gift list and guaranteed to bring a few smiles.

#7 Farting Fine Box/Tin

Quite possibly the quickest get rich scheme you can participate in. Make your stinky partner and any guests pay for their crude and disgusting behaviour by purchasing this “fart box” – a fine tin for serial farters.

#8 Things to Do While You Poo

Funny loo roll

Make toilet time entertaining and educational with this toilet roll gift. Grab a pen and keep your brain ticking over whilst doing a number two. Sitting on the porcelain pot will never be the same again thanks to this gift.

#9 Funny Drinking Mug Gift

Funny gift mug

This is another great gift for the lazy worker, who needs to pull a finger out. We think this mug would be liked by most recipients so is a great stocking filler or secret Santa present. Just don’t show the boss!

#10 Licence to Grill Apron

BBQ apron

Sometimes the funniest gifts are those that are as cheesy as hell. and they don’t come more cheesy than this. This licensed to grill apron is the perfect gift for the hardcore BBQer or discerning kitchen cook.

#11 Amusing Hanging Sign

Funny gift sign

Plaques make great gifts for friends and this is one of our favorites. Make your friend giggle with this timeless humourous wooden plaque stamped with a statement that’ll make any visitor to the home laugh out loud.

#12 Wine Bottle Drinking Glass

Wine glass bottle

Calling all wine lovers (again!). Why drink your favourite tipple from a small glass when you can guzzle the entire bottle from this hilarious invention. An all-in-one glass and bottle, what a great idea and gift for the wine connoisseurs.

#13 Donald Trump Loo Roll

Funny gift loo roll

Donald Trump threw political correctness out of the window a long time ago and now you can too with this practical gift. Wipe your butt with this novelty Donald Trump loo roll that surely be popular with your friends too.

#14 Funny Sibling Gift Mug

Funny gift for siblings

A great gift for families with siblings! We love the sarcastic one liner printed on this novelty mug. Make your mum smile with this gift that’ll she’ll cherish for years to come. You are the favorite child so make a statement with this mug.

#15 Chocolate Games Controller

Chocolate games controller

A sickly chocolately gift for those of you that love computer games. Made in the shape of a Sony Playstation controller, we think this would make a great present for young and old gamers alike.

#16 Stressticles Adult Relief

Stress relief toy

Relieve stress by squeezing these balls as hard as you can, may also make your partner squirm and panic. This is an ideal party and novelty gift for stressed out ladies with a sense of humour.

#17 Chilling So Fuck Off Eye Mask

Eye mask gift

You’ll have no problems getting the point across with this rather direct face mask. Chill out and catch up on sleep without being disturbed with this crude, rude and novelty mask.

#18 Cotton Random Crap Bag

Humorous gift bag

Does your partner always come back from shopping with a bag full of random crap? Make them smile by buying them this cotton bag, emblazoned with the words “random crap”. This funny gift will surely bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

#19 Glowing Toilet Gadget

Brighten up your bathroom with this glow in the dark toilet attachment. Choose from several different colours, each one motion activated, the kids will love this. No more stumbling around in the dark or blinding yourself with harsh ceiling lights.

#20 Wine Bottle Stopper

Funny wine bottle stopper gift for mum

Another wine-themed item makes it into our list of the best funny gifts. This one is perfect for mums that love a glass or three of wine. Make your mum smile from ear to ear with this practical yet amusing gift.

#21 Hilarious Plaque for Mum

Humorous plague gift for mum

Make your mum laugh out loud with this novelty wooden plaque carved with the words “I smile because you are my mother. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.”. Perfect for Mother’s Day or Birthdays.

#22 Cool Wine Coaster

Funny wine coaster for mum

Wine and alcohol-themed gifts are popular and make great stocking fillers. So here is another one sure to bring a smile to your recipients face. These coasters are printed with the words “Wine – how classy people get sh*tfaced”.

#23 Cards Against Humanity

Card game for adults

Cards Against Humanity is the original politically incorrect card game. Stick two fingers up to the snowflake generation with this crude, hilarious and addictive game. You can even expand it with multiple expansion card packs for years of fun.

#24 Shag Yourself Slim

Funny book gift book

Impress your loved one with this guide to losing weight by having more rigorous sex more often. This is the perfect gift for fat and sexless partners who need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

#25 Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep calm and carry on gift

This Keep Calm and Carry On novelty survival kit contains everything you need to survive the harshest of environments, all in miniature form. You’ll be amazed at how many practical items fit into this gift tin.

#26 Wooden Gift Plaque

Gift plaque funny gift idea

A great gift for a lifelong friend, this wooden novelty plaque is stamped with the words “we will always be friends until we are old and senile. Then we can be new friends”. A light-hearted take on old age and sure to raise a smile.

#27 Amusing Drinking Mug

Funny gift - people persons mug

Impress your friends and work colleagues with this blunt and direct statement that’s sure to make them laugh and giggle. A mug stamped with the words “Do I look like a fu*king poeple person”.

#28 Size Matters Giant Mug

Giant drinking mug

Do you know someone who likes to drink from large cup and mugs? This huge mug stamped with the words “size matters” would make a funny and practical gift for a friend, family member or work colleague.

#29 Upside Down Wine Glass

Upside down wine drinking glass gift

With this novelty gift, you can make it look like wine is suspended in mid-air. While not exactly the most practical gift, this is a quirky and unusual item that you can use at parties to confuse the hell out of your guests.

#30 Understanding Men Pills

Amusing pills

A sweet mint favoured pill that helps women understand men? This could be the most important invention since sliced bread. Give your lady friend a helping hand with these novelty mint sweets. You’ll be helping her long suffering hubby too.

#31 Prosecco Bell Ring

prosecco bell gift

Calling all prosecco lovers! This well made ringing bell emblazoned with the words “ring for prosecco” is almost certain to raise a few smiles and giggles. Now it’s time to train the hubby to respond accordingly upon hearing the prosecco bell.

#32 Grow Some Balls Gift

Grow some balls gift

Do you have a friend or family member who needs to “man up” and grow a pair? Perhaps they lack confidence, are jumpy or suffer from low self-esteem? Help them reach their potential in life by giving them the best gift ever – a pair of balls!

#33 How to Catch a Spider Poster

Funny poster gift

If you have a female friend, partner or family member who is petrified of spiders, this poster would make a really funny and light-hearted present. No spiders will be harmed should you follow the practical advice on this step-by-step poster guide.

#34 Nobody Knows I’m Gay

Colourful and funny gift mug

A quirky gift for flamboyant friends, you’ll raise a few eyebrows and smiles in the office canteen with this mug. Created with a rainbow coloured background and boldly displaying the words “Nobody Knows I’m Gay”. This would make an ideal secret Santa gift.

#35 Queen is Sleeping Mask

Funny mask gift

Another great stocking filler for adults and teenagers alike. Not only will your gift’s recipient be able to enjoy a good cat nap but will look fabulous too! Do you have a lady friend who loves her beauty sleep? Buy them this affordable and fun gift.


#36 How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

Quite possibly the purr-fect gift for cat owners with a sense of humour. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by Oatmeal is hilarious, witty and crude. Be warned, your cat will know you’ve read this book and will almost certainly change tactics.

#37 Crap Taxidermy – The Best & Worst

Crap Taxidermy isn’t for the easily offended, it’s disturbing, quirky and quite possibly the strangest gift you could give to a friend! Welcome to the wacky world of taxidermy with some of the weirdest and outrageous examples of animal stuffing ever seen.

#38 The Little Book of Beards

The Little Book of Beards would make a great stocking filler for any beard growing friends in your circle. The title comes complete with hints, tips and photos of various beard styles and shapes, this little book is a fun, light-hearted yet informative read.

#39 Bulls**t Alert Button

Red bullshit alert button

We’ve all got one of those friends, the harmless exaggerator who can’t help but spout nonsense at every opportunity. This bulls**t alert button will surely tickle your friends sense of humour. Just hit the red button whenever bulls**t is suspected.

#40 Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom

Neon sign gift

Get the message across loud and clear with this beautiful neon sign, manufactured to read “don’t do coke in the bathroom”. You can also buy matching printed signs, bath towels and other bathroom accessories. Make your visitors giggle with this unusual dimmable wall sign.

#41 Pro-caffin-ating Mug

Funny coffee mug gift

Do you now a procrastinating caffeine addict? They are sure to laugh and giggle at this funny gift mug printed with the words “the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee”. This printed mug would make a great present for any coffee lover.

#42 You Can’t Scare Me T-Shirt

Funny T shirt gift

If you know someone who has two daughters and a wicked sense of humour, this would make the perfect gift for them. The hilarious cotton printed T-shirt also comes with a matching mug and coaster to complete the set. This funny gift is available in seven different colours and sizes.

#43 Inflatable Doll Prank

Prank blow up doll

This lifelike inflatable doll is the perfect prank gift for one of your desperate or recently single mates. Also suitable for stag parties and other crazy occasions. You can even fill the chest area with water for a lifelike feel. This doll is easy to clean and packs light for storage.

#44 Horrible Golf Ball Set

Golf ball gift - funny

The perfect gift for the budding golfer, as long as they also have a sense of humour! Some of these golf balls are just outrageous and are an ideal gift for dad, brother or even grandpa. This funny set comprises a total of six golf balls, each with their own crude or rude message.

#45 Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap

Novelty soap

Your beer-loving friend or family member is sure to laugh out loud at this novelty gift. Help your recipient lose those love handles by giving them the gift of soap. Contains a traditional bar of soap stamped with the words “Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap”.

#46 52 Things to Do While Doing a Poo

Novelty toilet reading book

Dropping a number two will never quite be the same again after reading this book.  52 Things to Do While a Poo is the best toilet reading book you can buy, a great gift for anyone who spends too much time on the porcelain pot.

#47 Novelty Memo

memo pad - novelty

Make your recipients smile with this outrageous novelty calling card. Not for the faint hearted and probably best used on friends and acquaintances who appreciate a little crude humour. This gift is another great stocking filler.

#48 Allergy to Work Chocolate Drops

Chocolate drops

The workplace slacker will really appreciate this present, which perhaps makes it ideal as a secret santa gift. Give your colleagues a kick up the backend with these allergy to work chocolate drops. Guaranteed to improve workplace efficiency.

#49 Grey Pubes Birthday Card

Make your golden oldie or middle-aged gift recipient giggle with this grey pubes birthday card. Crude, rude and outrageously quirky, we think this is the perfect novelty birthday card.

#50 Grumpy Old Git Gift Set

Gift set for grumpy people

Finding gifts for miserable old gits has never been easy until now. This grumpy old git gift set comprises a drinking mug, flavoured mints and warm black socks, each stamped with the words “grumpy old git”.

Did You Like Our List?

The team here at Gifted Geek really enjoyed sourcing these funny gift ideas.

With so many fun gifts to chose from, we don’t think you’ll have any problems making your friends, family members and colleagues smile.

If you have a suggestion, perhaps an awesome funny gift that we’ve missed from our list, contact us here.

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