The Best Star Trek Gifts of 2020

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The team behind Gifted Geek are all hardcore trekkies and we thoroughly enjoyed digging through the very best star trek gifts on sale in 2018 and narrowing the list down to just 25.

If you have star trek fans in your family or circle of friends, beam up one these top 25 gifts that’ll surely raise a smile.

Boldy go and check out the very best star trekking gifts of 2018, which includes a selection of Star Trek: Discovery themed products too.

Gifts Handpicked by the Folks at Gifted Geek

Each of the Star Trek themed gifts listed here has been independently chosen and handpicked by the awesome folks behind Gifted Geek.

Did we miss an awesome star trek product that you think should be included in our list? Let us know.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top two favourite products:

#1 Star Trek Encyclopedia

Complete star trek encyclopedia

This is the most in-depth and comprehensive reference guide to the Star Trek Universe ever produced. This two-volume encyclopedia contains over 300 fact-packed pages, recently updated to include the Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise and the two most recent movie releases, this is our #1 gift choice.

#2 Original Tribble

Tribble toy gift

Once described as the mortal enemy of the Klingon Empire, Tribbles are a whole lotta trouble. Now you can own a cute ball of fluff that’s sound and touch-activated. Just watch out, they breed at an incredible rate! Available in several colours, we think a Tribble would make a perfect gift.

The Top 25

#3 Sleek Discovery Black Badge

Star trek badge

This sleek magnetic black Star Trek badge is an exact replica from the Discovery series. No more pinholes in your delicate fabrics, this product is made to a very high standard and is gathering dozens of positive reviews online. Several to choose from.

#4 Remastered TNG Boxset

TNG boxset

Now you can enjoy all your favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes with crystal clear high-definition picture quality with this newly released box set. Each scene has been meticulously remastered to the highest standard, see every minor detail you previously missed.

#5 ST: Deep Space 9 Model Kit

Star trek DS9 model kit

Made from very quality parts, hand-painted and highly collectable, this is a great gift for any Deep Space Nine fans. Show your love of this iconic series by purchasing this solid, well-made model from Eaglemoss.

#6 Star Trek Door Chime

Best star trek door chime

Featuring the distinctive door opening sound and a red alert siren, this quirky Star Trek door chime would make a great addition to any star trek fan’s collection. Made from high-quality parts and motion-activated, this futuristic door chime is a must-have.

#7 Functional Working Communicator

Replica bluetooth toy from star trek

This Star Trek communicator by the Wand Company is bluetooth enabled and fully functional. Recreated from original blueprints, this replica contains authentic special effect sounds and would make an ideal gift for the budding Star Trek fan.

#8 Starfleet Academy T-shirt

Tshirt star trek

Join Starfleet academy and work towards your first commission with this Star Trek T-shirt. Available in multiple colours and sizes, this fashionable apparel is perfect for the more hardcore trekkie fans out there in the universe.

#9 Star Trek Monopoly Set

Monopoly set - Star Trek edition

No Star Trek gift collection would be complete without this unique Monopoly special edition family board game. Buy and sell some of the most memorable locations in the Star Trek Universe, including Cardassia Prime, Vulcan and Bajor.

#10 Starship Voyager Model

Model kit for starship Voyager

A must have for any serious Star Trek Voyager fan is this replica model kit produced by Revell. Comprising 67 pieces and an impressive half a metre in length, this is one of the best model kits we’ve seen from the Star Trek Universe.

#11 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

Ferengi rules book

The Ferengi are the ultimate capitalistic vultures of the Star Trek universe and now you can own a copy of their much-vaunted Rules of Acquisition. This original release was created by the loveable barkeeper Quark and DS9 producer and Trek fan Ira Steven Behr.

#12 Enterprise Bottle Opener

Prise open the lid of your favourite tipple with the Starship Enterprise bottle opening keyring.This officially licensed product is based on a replica of the orignal NCC1701 ship from the first series. A practical gift fo the budding ST fan

#13 Klingon Bird of Prey Manual

Haynes bird of prey owners manual

This Haynes Klingon Bird of Prey owners manual is sure to bring a smile to your gift recipients face. Based on General Martok’s Rotarron starship, this manual goes into incredible detail and provides an insight into life abroad a Klingon war ship.

#14 Neelix’s Star Trek Cookbook

Star trek interstellar cookbook

Who could ever forget the loveable Neelix from the Star Trek Voyager series? This is the first official Star Trek cookbook. Don’t worry; all recipes are based on locally produced foods, no need to warp to the next star system to pick up your ingredients list.

#15 Handmade Etched Glass

Etched drinking glass

The team here at Gifted Geek loved the quality of this handmade drinking glass, delicately etched with the Star Trek Federation logo. Own a piece of the Star Trek universe with a glass Quark would be proud to pour a drink into.

#16 Signed TOS Poster

Poster signed by William Shatner

This signed poster of the original series cast would make the perfect gift for any Star Trek fan and is a must-have for real fans. Signed by no other than Captain Kirk – William Shatner. Comes complete with a black frame and is printed in high quality.

#17 Star Trek Door Mat

A Star Trek themed door mat

We love the simplicity of this gift – a doormat displaying the unforgettable words “The Final Frontier”. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this practical gift will surely make your visitors smile and giggle.

#18 Starship Enterprise Canvas

Starship Enterprise canvas poster

We just love the vivid colours on this canvas print of the USS Enterprise. Made from a thick pine frame, this large A1 print is ready to hang. A perfect gift for any Star Trek fan, this would look fantastic on any wall.

#19 Starfleet Command Mug

Starfleet mug

Perfect for holding an Earl Grey tea or even a Klingon Racktajino, this mug will make the ideal stocking filler for the dedicated Star Trek fan. A black mug with the Starfleet logo printed on the front in vivid colours.

#20 Bi Fold Star Trek Wallet

Star trek wallet in vivid colours

This colourful and bright bi-fold wallet features the iconic Starfleet logo, practical card slots and a large coin pocket. We’re sure the recipient will love this officially licensed product which is available in a range of vivid colours.

#21 Star Trek Gift Socks

Cotton socks

We think these Star Trek gift socks are just awesome. Made from cotton, sold in a pack of three and with vivid colours, this official merchandise would make a great stocking filler. Available in several sizes and colours.

#22 Official Star Trek T Shirt

Star trek T shirt

Available in three distinct colours, this official Star Trek command T-shirt is made from cotton, displays the star trek logo and is an exact replica of the clothing used throughout the original Star Trek series.

#23 Limited Edition ST Framed Film

Star Trek gift

This awesome limited edition framed set includes authentic 35mm film from the Star Trek series. Each frame contains a different negative 35mm film so this would make a truly genuine gift for any Star Trek fan.

#24 Tech Code 3D Illusion

Star trek 3D lamp

This brightly coloured 3D illusion lamp depicting the Star Trek ship Enterprise would make a great and unusual gift. Powered by USB it can be placed anywhere in the home to brighten up any room.

#25 Remote Control Phaser

Star trek phaser TV remote cotrol

We just love the attention to detail on this Star Trek phaser that can be tuned to work with any infrared device such as TVs and dvd players. Comes complete with an operating poster, stand, carry case and USB charging cable.

Did You Like Our List?

The best 25 Star Trek gifts for adults and children was handpicked by the independent team here at Gifted Geek.

We thoroughly enjoyed creating this list and hope you found the perfect Star Trek gift.

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