6 of the Best Pet Cameras You Can Buy

Home pet cameras are a great option for dog owners who want to keep an eye on their four-legged pets when they’re out of the home.

With recent advances in technology, these cameras are much more than a standard security camera.

Many come with features such as:

  • night vision
  • two-way audio
  • bark detection and notification
  • motion detection and notification
  • pan/tilt/zoom options
  • the ability to launch treats
  • cloud or sd storage
  • optional subscription for more storage

iHaven Pet Cam

This is a great little camera, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi enabled. You can also use a PC or Mac to view your footage from your home in a browser. The camera is powered via USB and you will receive a 1 metre long USB cable with your purchase, giving you plenty of flexibility as to where you locate your device. The wall mount plate which is also included with your purchase helps you position the camera exactly where you need it.

A memory card is not included with your purchase, although it is recommended that you do use a 16-64 Gb SD card to store footage for up to 7 – 30 days. It is possible to save the video footage to your phone if you would prefer to not use a memory card with your device. You also get 30 days of free cloud storage with your purchase, giving you the chance to see how that works for you. You do not need a memory card, however, if you just want to view footage in real time.

Once the camera is positioned you have full control over the angle and this can be operated remotely via your device. The camera has 360-degree horizontal movement and can be tilted to give 110-degree vertical movement. You can also zoom in 4 x to see what is happening. The camera films in 720p HD resolution and has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication in your home in more detail if you need to. The camera is feature-packed, it can, for instance, offer motion detection which can send notifications to your device on sensing movement. A built-in light sensor can also help you detect light levels, whilst the camera itself also utilises 6 LED lights to offer night-time viewing

key points:

  • 720p HD
  • 360° Horizontal Movement
  • 4 x Zoom
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Store on the Cloud or SD Card
  • Motion Detection


Furbo Home Dog Cam

The Furbo Dog Cam is designed specifically as a dog camera and so offers features that are designed to keep you and your pet happy when you can’t be at home. The most prominent of these features is the ability to throw treats for your four-legged friend even when you are away from home. The device works best with round-shaped treats with a diameter around 1 cm and you can load it up with around 100 of these before you leave for the day. Operate it remotely to keep your dog entertained, each time the treat is tossed it goes in a different direction, your dog will never get bored. All you need to do is download the Furbo app, follow the easy set-up process and then you can play with your dog using your iOS or Android device.

The device also has a 2-way chat and bark sensor. This means that you can receive notifications when your dog is unsettled ad use the chat function to calm them down right away. The barking sensor can be adjusted, enabling you to select a sensitivity level that works for you and your dog.

The camera itself offers 1080p full HD footage. It has a 160-degree wide angle and 4x zoom, allowing you to see what is happening in your home in great detail. Night vision also allows you to see your dog clearly both night and day. The camera points downwards on an angle, allowing you to locate the device high-up on a shelf, well out of the reach of your dog to prevent mishaps. A 2 meter USB cable is included with your purchase, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to the positioning of your camera.

key points:

  • 1080p High Definition
  • Wide Angle 160°
  • Remote Controlled Treat Launcher 
  • Good Quality Night Vision
  • Bark Sensor
  • Funky Design

Victure Home cam

The Victure Home Cam is a super smart camera that allows you to keep a close eye on the welfare of your pet when you are not at home. The greatest difference with this camera compared to other pet cam devices is the use of video encryption technology. This allows you to save video onto a Micro SD card, safe in the knowledge that video files saved onto the card can only be accessed by yourself through your account. Even if someone were to steal your camera, they would be unable to access any footage taken from your home. You can choose to save any footage recorded to cloud storage too, you can even set the device to only start recording if it detects movement when you choose this method of storage.

The camera records footage in 1080p HD quality, offering you great quality video playback. It has a 100-degree wide-angle lens and you can also use the app on your device to control the camera remotely. The 360-degree horizontal rotation and 100-degree vertical rotation means that there are no blind zones, you can see everything that is happening where the camera is located.

The built-in microphone and speaker allows 2-way communication, which is great for calming your pet down if they get agitated at any point during your absence. The device offers a clear sound, free from static, so it is truly reassuring for your dog. You can use the motion sensor to get notifications straight to your phone or device, whenever motion is detected. This is useful if your pet likes to wander into rooms where they shouldn’t be or if you want to keep an eye out for intruders onto your property. 10 infrared lights also help make sure that you can enjoy a clear picture, even in the dark. The device can even detect low-light and will switch these lights on automatically when needed.

key points:

  • 360° Horizontal Rotation
  • 100° Vertical Rotation
  • Store on the Cloud or SD Card
  • Motion Sensor and Notification
  • 10 Infrared Lights Provide Clarity
  • 2-Way Audio


Maisi Cam

The Maisi Cam is fully integrated with Alexa technology, which makes it very useful to those who use the digital assistant. You can use Alexa to control your camera or you can use the app, which is particularly useful if using the camera when you are not at home. This camera has a built-in motion sensor and it will send a notification directly through the app if any motion is detected in your home while you are not present. This can be extremely useful when it comes to checking in on your dog. You can control the sensitivity of the motion sensor too, to help you reduce false alarms.

The camera easily monitors large areas thanks to the remote control functionality, which allows for the camera to be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. It can record footage in 1080p HD quality, giving you crystal-clear images that can be compressed into smaller files so that you can store even more. To help you store files even more conveniently, cloud recording can be activated, simply request an activation code. SD cards can also be used, you have full control over your recordings.

The camera offers improved nighttime vision, making your images clear even in the dark. This night-vision also give you the ability to see further than ever before, you can, for instance, see up to 15-20 metres even in pitch black darkness. The device is super easy to set-up, simply download the app, scan the QR code, input a bit of information and you are good to go. Operating the user-interface is super easy too, helping you to take full advantage of the functions that this device offer. You certainly won’t be confused by menu after menu, you can easily the camera work for you exactly how you want it.

key points:

  • Alexa Compatible 
  • Motion Sensor
  • Adjust the Sensitivity of the Motion Detector
  • 360° Horizontal Rotation
  • 100° Vertical Rotation
  • Improved Night Vision



The Topcony offers you the best when it comes to picture quality. You not only get 1080p full HD resolution but a HiSilicon chip also gives you clarity of image as well as stability. You can clearly see what your pet is up to at any time, day and night, as well as record some fantastic footage of them that you can keep for years to come. The device also offers enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity. Operating on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, you can enjoy an extremely fast transfer speed, which prevents the device from losing connection.

The device also uses 44 dB high-fidelity two-way audio that actively cuts out dead noise. This helps the sounds from both sides of the camera, that you actually want to hear come through clearly. You will love talking to your pet through this camera and listening out for them through your iOS or Android device. The camera which can be controlled from your device also offers a clear image of every nook and cranny in your room. The camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, transmitting images with an 85-degree wide-angle lens. There are no blind spots with the Topcony camera. A motion sensor also sends notifications straight to your device to let you know if there is movement, whether your dog is agitated or there’s an intruder, you will know straight away.

The camera supports the use of micro-SD cards up to 128 GB for the storage of your video feed. You can also use cloud storage and purchase of the camera entitles you to 30 days of free cloud storage through Danele, a cloud platform. This allows you to try it, to see how it works for you. The camera uses video-encryption technology too, to maintain your privacy even if someone takes your device without your consent.

key points:

  • High-Quality 44db 2-Way Audio
  • Compatible With SD Cards up to 128GB
  • Encrypted Video Transmission
  • 355° Horizontal Rotation
  • 120° Vertical Rotation
  • 1080p HD


ieGeek Pet Cam

The ieGeek camera is one of the leading cameras on the market, it offers a 1080p Ultra HD image and smart HDR display technology prevents under or overexposure. CMOS colour also helps provide a smooth image that really pops. This camera is designed to offer you the best image possible so that you can really enjoy watching your dog when you are out of the house. You might even capture some footage of them that you want to keep forever, you will really love the quality of image that this camera provides. You can even enjoy a crisp and clear image in darkness, thanks to Ultra HD night vision.

A built-in microphone and speaker also allow for 2-way communication. You can hear everything that is happening with your dog and talk back to them if you need to. This can be a great way to calm them down if they are upset at any point in the day when you are not present in the home with them. Simply talk to them using your mobile device and they will be calmed by your voice. A motion detector can also alert you if there are any problems with your pet when you are not there. You can receive instant notification of any movement within the location of the camera which can act as a prompt to check in on them. If you use Sricam you can use up to 4 devices to access the feed from your camera at any one time.

The ieGeek can be installed anywhere, horizontally, vertically or even mounted on the ceiling to help you get the right view. You can even set 5 pre-set positions so that you can alter the view of your room from your device with just the click of a button. You also get enhanced encryption and security features with this camera. Only you have a connection with the camera via Wi-Fi, your feed will not be saved on any servers and the manufacturer will not have any access to your images. There is no risk of your personal images being shared elsewhere.

key points:

  • 1080p HD
  • High-Quality Night Vision
  • Wall, Shelf or Ceiling Mount
  • Enhanced Security and Encryption
  • Movement Detection and Notification
  • 2-Way Communication