Top Ten Best Card Games For Adults

The Gifted Geek’s Card Game Buying Guide

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We’ve played dozens of adult card games and think these two are the best of the bunch.

Continue reading to see all of our favourite adult card games.

#1 Best Adult Card Game

Cards Against Humanity

The rules are simple; one player reads a question from a black card and every other player must answer with their funniest white card.

Cards Against Humanity is the original politically incorrect card game. Crude, hilarious and addictive, expand this game with multiple expansion packs for years of fun.

#2 Best Adult Card Game

Disturbed Friends

Find out the truth about your friends and discover what they really think of you with Disturbed Friends.

This card game is simple; vote on what you think your friends would do in horrid, unethical and sexual situations. This game should be banned!


What to Look For When Buying an Adult Card Game

Hundreds of new card games go on sale each year, most aren’t very good but every now and again one comes along that is hilarious, addictive and worth every penny. You should consider the age of the players, how many people will be playing and whether the game is travel-friendly.

Number of Players:

Not every adult game can be played with only two or three people so check the number of minimum and maximum participants before you purchase your adult game.


The manufacturer decides which age group the game is suited to. Look out of the age icon when viewing adult card games. So keep the kids away and enjoy yourself.


If you’re travelling and need to travel light, pay attention to the weight of the product. Backpackers and frequent flyers will want to keep the weight of their games to a minimum.


Many adult card games can be extended with add-on packs. These are perfect for your favourite games that have been played so much that they’ve become predictable.


In addition to the weight of the product, also look out for this symbol which means it’s small enough to fit in carry-on aircraft luggage. Card games are perfect for long boring flights.

Number of Cards:

Not everyone enjoys playing games with hundreds and hundreds of cards so keep an eye out for this symbol which will tell you how many cards the game contains.

Gifted Geek’s Top Ten Adult Card Games

Here are our top ten card games specifically for adults. We think these are great, some are new, some old, while some can be expanded, giving you years of extra enjoyment.

The best thing about card games? They’re cheaper than most electronic games and so much more sociable.

So without further ado, go explore our chosen top ten adult card games:

Drunk Stoned or Stupid


Adult 18+


Yes – with expansion packs

Small but contains adult language


This is a great party game to play with a group of mates. Each player in turn picks a card, and the group has the chance to have a discussion before collectively deciding who is most likely to go missing within 15 minutes of going out, have sex while watching TV, or wake up next to half a burrito in bed. There are no holds barred in this outrageous, wild game – finally, you’ll have the chance to tell your friends exactly what you think of them!

This is not the game for the competitively-minded – there are no winners in Drunk Stoned or Stupid, and it’s certainly not for kids. The perfect game for a group of adults who appreciate some top quality banter and aren’t afraid to tell each other exactly what they think, Drunk Stoned or Stupid is sure to liven up your next house party, and makes for a great drinking game. Just remember, it’s probably best kept in the cupboard when your nan comes over on Boxing Day and wants to get a board game out…

5 Second Rule – Uncensored



Adult 18+


Yes – with expansion packs

Compact but contains adult language


Definitely for adults only! 5 Second Rule is a wild party game which will have you in stitches. The rules are simple: each card contains a category. Pick one, and you have just five seconds to name three things in that category. But remember, this is the uncensored version, and the game has an outrageous twist. Look out for categories such as “TV shows that need more sex”, “things you can do with a condom”, “things you shouldn’t say in front of kids” and “ways to hide a fart”. Best of all, there are 150 double-sided cards, so you’re not going to run out any time soon.

5 Second Rule may seem easy, but just wait until you’re playing it with your mates and you’ve got something on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t spit out! You’ll be shocked at how hard it is to come up with three examples in just five seconds. The game comes with its own unique Twisted timer, which provides you with a five-second countdown, complete with some crazy sounds to throw you off your game. If you’ve got a dirty mind, there’s nothing better than 5 Second Rule to get a house party off to a great start!

What Do You Meme

3 to 20

Adult 18+


Yes – with expansion packs

Compact but contains adult language


What Do You Meme is one of the latest additions to the modern adults-only party game collection. These days memes are ubiquitous, and with this outrageous game you’ll have the opportunity to invent your own by matching a photo to some funny, dark or just plain rude pieces of text.

The game comes with two sets of cards, one containing images and the other captions, for players to create their own hilariously offensive memes. Each round, a rotating judge chooses the best combination of picture and caption – but this game isn’t about who wins, it’s about how much you’ll laugh when playing it! Captions like “when she calls your penis ‘cute'” and “when you fart in someone else’s car and all the windows are rolled up” tell you what you’re letting yourself in for when you break out this game at a party. With 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards, you’ll be sure to find plenty of mileage in What Do You Meme, and it could well become your new favourite party game to play with your mates!

F**K The Game

3 to 8

Adult 16+


Yes – with expansion packs

Compact and lightweight


As you can probably tell from the name, this is one game that won’t be part of your family Christmas celebrations! F**k. The Game is strictly adults-only, but played in the right company you’ll find it absolutely hilarious – and surprisingly difficult!

Dreamed up by a group of Aussies (who else?), this is a brilliant social card game that will really test your cognitive abilities – not the easiest when you’ve already had a few pints! The brightly coloured cards all have a single word printed on them. In most cases, it’s a colour that doesn’t appear on the card – so, for example, a neon pink card may have ORANGE written on it in purple. Depending on the card, you may have to call out the caption or the background colour. And, of course, some of the cards have swear words printed on them…

You’ll be amazed at just how hard this game is to master! Not only is it great fun, but it actually has some psychological merit, too – you’ll be training your brain as you play. Getting smarter while drinking and swearing at your mates? What more could you want?

Cards Against Humanity

4 to 20

Adult 17+


Yes – with multiple expansion packs

Compact and lightweight


Here’s a party game that almost requires no introduction. Over the last few years, Cards Against Humanity has become an absolute phenomenon, and it’s fair to say that it’s a true modern classic. If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for? The game has grown and expanded, with dozens of extra packs and different versions available today, but the classic CAH is, of course, the perfect starting point for your journey into the depraved world of this crazy card game.

In this outrageous, adults-only game, the group starts out with a black card, which usually contains a question or a blank space. For example, it might say, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t complete my homework because of _____.” Everybody chooses the most appropriate response from their hand of white cards – it might be “Famine” or “My inner demons” or “Poor life choices”. Each round, a rotating judge chooses their favourite answer as the winner. But Cards Against Humanity is not a game about winning or losing, it’s about creating the most outrageous combinations you can think of and having an evening to remember with your friends.

Never Have I Ever

4 to 12

Adult 17+


Yes – with expansion packs

Yes – Compact and lightweight


Here’s one game you’re probably familiar with. We’ve all played student favourite Never Have I Ever at parties, but the game inevitably peters out as people run out of imagination. Buy the card game, and you can be sure that will never, ever happen again! This is a wild game that’s definitely not for kids, and gives you the chance to unearth your friends’ deepest, darkest secrets, and relive some memories that you might be better off forgetting.

Never Have I Ever comes with 485 play cards, each of which describes a scenario that may or may not have happened to you at some point in your life. Look out for cards like “made a business call on the toilet”, “complained to a drug dealer”, “taken naked selfies” or “done the walk of shame”. To liven things up, the box also has 65 rule cards, which can make things a little more complicated, and which you can choose to use or not. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast with this creative, 21st century twist on a classic drinking game.

Disturbed Friends – This Game Should be Banned

2 to 10

Adult 17+


Yes – with expansion packs

Yes – Compact and lightweight


How disturbed are your friends? This party game gives you the chance to find out! Disturbed Friends is a new, exciting game which challenges you to look into the deepest, darkest recesses of your mates’ minds. Warning: you might not like what you see…

In this game, you’ll find 250 unique question cards, each with a multiple choice question and three answers. Read the options to the group, and your friends will have to vote on what they think your answer would be. A great way to get to know your mates better than ever, right? Be careful, though – each card contains an outrageous question like:

I would least approve of my son or daughter bringing home…

a) a rapist
b) a Nazi
c) a telemarketer.

The scariest thing about Disturbed Friends isn’t that it offers the chance to discover how disturbed your mates really are…it’s that it also offers you the chance to find out what they think of you! See who knows you best, and enjoy the kind of card game that’s more than a game, it’s a bonding experience that you’ll never want to speak about in public!

Exploding Kittens

2 to 5



Yes, expansion packs also increase number of players

Yes – Compact and lightweight


Are you a cat person? Fan of explosions? If so, then you’ll love this game, which combines cats and explosions to hilarious effect. Perfect for parties, Exploding Kittens is a unique, 21st century take on Russian Roulette that’s sure to appeal to groups of friends looking to try something new.

The basic rules are simple: each player takes it in turns to draw a card and place it face-up on the table. Kitten cards keep you in the game, but if you draw an exploding kitten, you lose! However, there are plenty of ways to avoid that. Defuse cards, which offer kitten-friendly options like catnip sandwiches and kitty yoga, will stop you from exploding, while a series of strategy cards allow you to attack other players, take a sneak peek at what’s to come in the deck, skip a turn, shuffle the cards, or more. There’s enough variety in this set of 56 cards to allow you to develop some complex strategies, making sure that you win – or that your friends lose!

Best of all, no kittens were harmed in the making of this hilarious game!

The Voting Game

5 to 10



Yes, expansion packs available

Yes – Compact and lightweight


The Voting Game is a great party game that gives you the chance to find out what your friends really think of you! In this outrageous game, one player chooses from a selection of 200 unique question cards. Then, everybody votes anonymously, choosing which player they think is the answer to the question. When the votes are counted, you’ll be able to see what your friends think about you – safely protected by the game’s rule of anonymity!

The question cards pose some fun teasers, like “Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?”, “Who gives the most awkward hugs?” and “Who clogs the toilet at their friend’s house and says nothing?” It may be simple, but a round of The Voting Game can last for hours, as players reveal some of the crazy stories from their past. Get to know your friends on a deeper level, find out if people think that you don’t wear underwear or drink whiskey in your coffee at work, and have a great time doing it. The Voting Game is sure to add spice to any house party!

WTF Did You Say – A Game Against Dignity

Unknown but we suggest min 3



Yes, this is the large XL set

This item is not lightweight and contains nearly 600 cards


Selling itself as “a party game against all dignity and morality”, WTF Did You Say is great for some adults-only fun! This game is based on the interplay of red cards and white cards. Each player takes it in turn to draw and read a red card, which contains a question or a blank – it might say, for example, “There’s nothing more romantic than _______.”

Every other player then chooses the white card from their hand that best fits the scenario. It could be “feeding the victims to the pigs” or “a Tinder date who makes conversation by asking about your shoe size”. The player who first read the red card chooses their favourite answer, and that player wins the round!

WTF Did You Say comes with a bumper set of 594 cards, ensuring that you’ll have hours of entertainment, and no two games will be the same. Before you start playing, take care – this is a truly outrageous game that can result in you finding out just how crazy and depraved your friends really are! Do you dare to start a game of WTF Did You Say?

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