26 Awesome Space and Astronomy Gifts

Astronomy gift ideas

Are you looking for a gift for an astronomer or space lover?

The team here at Gifted Geek has trawled the web and found what are arguably the best gifts for those who love the universe.

From day experiences and telescopes to projectors and globes, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect gift on our list.

Gifts Handpicked and Independently Chosen by Gifted Geek

All of the gift ideas listed on this page have been curated and independently chosen by the awesome folks behind Gifted Geek.

If you’re in a rush, here are our top two gifts. We think your gift recipient would love to receive one of these (we certainly would!):

#1 MIG 29 To The Edge of Space Flight

MIG 29 edge of space flights

This is the ultimate gift for daredevil space enthusiasts. A flight to the edge of space in this MIG 29 fighter jet takes you up to at least 17km above ground level and possibly up to 22km if weather conditions permit. Only astronauts in the International Space Station can currently go higher than this. Fly at an incredible Mach 2 and break through the service ceiling of most jets with this incredible experience.

#2 Zero Gravity Weightless Experience

weightlessness experience

An amazing present for anyone who wants to experience weightlessness. Your gift recipient will be taken up to the skies inside a specially adapted aircraft that will fly a series of complex manoeuvres that include controlled nosedives where the occupants of the plane experience weightlessness and float around inside the padded cabin. Feel what it’s like to be an astronaut with a Zero Gravity weightlessness flight.

The Complete Astronomy and Space Gift List

#3 Computerised Telescope

computerised telescope

This telescope has high-quality optics, a 4″ mirror giving stunning views of the night sky and advanced features such as a database of more than 40,000 solar system and deep space objects which it will automatically locate. Allows for camera-connectivity and comes with extras including a finderscope and a 25mm eyepiece. Its compact design makes for easy transport and assembly.

#4 Magnetic Rotating Globe

This attractive 8″ or 20cm full colour PVC levitating globe floats and rotates seemingly unaided. An in-built sensor automatically controls the direction and speed of the rotation and an energy-saving LED lamp illuminates the highly detailed sphere from above. The 12½” or 32cm ABS stand adds a touch of modern design. This eye-catching object makes an ideal point of interest for the home or office.

#5 Galaxy Themed Umbrella

You’ll still see the stars even on a wet day with this fantastic galaxy print umbrella that opens at the touch of a button. The superior windproof frame ensures you stay dry in strong winds while the reverse fold feature minimises water dripping where it shouldn’t. The ergonomic C-shaped handle is easy to slip over your wrist leaving your hands free to use your phone or find your door keys etc.

#6 Solar Global Marble Collection

Solar marble gift for astronomers

An assortment of eleven brightly coloured marbles of varying sizes not to scale representing the main bodies of the solar system including the planets, the sun and the moon each decorated with their distinctive features. The collection is supplied with a set of stainless steel display rings to present the spheres in their orbits along with a stylish black bag and informative photographic reference cards.

#7 Beginners Guide to Stargazing

Astronomy stargazing book

The perfect gift for anyone beginning to enjoy the wonders of astronomy. This guide has been specially compiled by astronomers at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and includes an inspiring collection of star charts and maps. An easy to read format that tells you everything you need to know about choosing and operating telescopes, the fascinating night sky features to look for and much more.

#8 Official Tim Peake Book

Tim Peake book

A fascinating book that features the wonderful views seen by astronaut Tim Peake during his adventure aboard the International Space Station. 150 photographs from Tim’s collection will captivate stargazers of all ages. The stunning images show the beauty of planet earth, from natural landscapes to illuminated cities and are accompanied by Tim’s engaging commentary. Proceeds go to the Prince’s Trust.

#9 The Wonders Collection DVD

The wonders collection

This four-disc collection brings together two documentary series – wonders of the solar system and wonders of the universe. The former focuses on how the law of physics carved natural wonders across the solar system. It uses evidence found in the natural world to explain the key principles that underpin the laws of nature such as matter, gravity, and light. The latter is a follow-up series that explains who we are, where we come from and why we exist.

#10 Nasa Photo Collection

Nasa photo collection

An awe-inspiring collection of more than 100 incredible photographs from the archives of space agency NASA are featured in this book by Nirmala Nataraj. Including images of the Earth taken by the Apollo missions and moving on through the solar system and beyond each of these stunning colour-enhanced pictures is accompanied by a descriptive caption giving information on the subject and when and how the photo was taken.

#11 Kids Planetarium Model

Planetarium model

This is an inspiring space themed gift for children aged 8 and upwards. Bring out your child’s creative side with this solar system 12cm tall and 30cm wide with this model kit which contains a paint brush, paint and even glow in the dark paint. The product is made from quality steel, contains rotating arms and is educational as well as fun to construct.  It also makes a great ornament once complete and is a great gift for young space lovers.

#12 Magnification Binoculars

Powerful binoculars

These full size 10 x 50 high power magnification binoculars are perfect for astronomy and other activities such as birdwatching, sports, wildlife and travel. The light weight alloy construction is designed to enable freehand or tripod use while the anti-glare optical coating gives excellent clarity of vision. Accessories include a nylon case with adjustable strap, a neck strap, four lens covers and a cleaning cloth.

#13 Astronomy Mouse Pad

Astronomy mouse pad

A practical gift that helps astronomy fans stay in touch with the cosmos. The surface material is printed with highly original artwork illustrating everyone’s favourite planets, stars and even the space station in the boldest, inspiring colours. The mouse pad is a generous 5mm thick and features a white non-slip backing that keeps it securely in place. The mat’s overall measurement is 9½” x 7½”.

#14 Name a Star Gift Pack

Name a star

This is a truly unique, personalised gift that allows you to name a star of your choice before it is recorded for eternity on the International Database. The pack includes an authentic certificate of registration and full instructions on how you can locate your own star in the night sky. There is also a letter of welcome and detailed star charts of all the constellations in the northern hemisphere for you to enjoy.

#15 Royal Mail Night Stamps

Stamp collection for astronomers

These stamps are a worthy addition to any collection of stargazing memorabilia. They were originally issued in February 2007 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the television programme, “The Sky At Night”. The six designs feature weird and wonderful celestial objects and were personally chosen by the programme’s presenter, Sir Patrick Moore. Add this to your space-themed collection.

#16 Constellations Globe

Constellations globe gift

The compact 4½” diameter globe accurately depicts all 88 constellations including the Milky Way, that are visible in the northern and southern hemispheres. Powered entirely by solar energy, the globe silently rotates at any time when placed in either indirect sunlight or near an artificial indoor light source. The easy to assemble tripod base creates a finished height of 7″ and a weight of 4lbs.

#17 Home Planetarium Projector

Planetarium projector

Recreate the beauty of the galaxy in the comfort of your own home. The unit has a simple one-button operating system that includes an exciting shooting star facility. LED technology produces a brilliant display of 60,000 stars located in the northern hemisphere through two interchangeable discs. An energy-saving timer automatically switches the unit off and there is also a double-sided poster of star charts.

#18 Moonlight Bedroom Lamp

Moonlight bedroom lamp

The moonlight lamp casts a subtle illumination that makes it the perfect choice as a night light. Measuring a compact 11cm in diameter and weighing just 200g, it will easily sit anywhere. The textured white globe features a realistic representation of the moon’s cratered surface. The on/off switch is conveniently situated on the sturdy base and the lamp is powered by three LR44 batteries.

#19 Nebulae Hanging Wall Art

Nebulae wall art

Add the magic of the universe to any room with this original quality work of art. The abstract is in shades of red, gold and purple and spreads over five panels. The beautiful printed canvases are stretched over wooden frames which are ready to hang onto the wall. The centre panel measures 8″ x 24″, two medium canvases are 8″ x 20 and the smallest are 10″ x 16″.

#20 Nasa T-Shirt Collection

Nasa T shirt

A stylish high quality pre-shrunk heavyweight T-shirt made from 100% cotton and with a classic 1970’s style NASA logo screen printed design made using specialist colour inks. Double-stitched sleeve and bottom hems ensure strength and durability while taped neck and shoulder seams give extra comfort. Machine washable and available as classic men’s fit or shaped ladies fit and in a range of colours and sizes.

#21 Astronomy Illuminated Mug

Mug gift

An amazing novelty mug to please any observer of the stars. Simply add your favourite hot drink and watch for the plain black exterior to be transformed by the magical appearance of eleven well-known constellations including Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Hercules and Ursa Minor. As the mug cools down, the brightly illuminated constellations disappear until next time. The special formulation is safe for microwaves but not dishwashers.

#22 Stellarscope Star Finder

Stellarscope star finder

Make identification of stars quick and easy. Just set the time and date required to show the stars and constellations visible in the northern hemisphere on an accurate computer-generated display, then line the star map up with the night sky to locate the relevant stars. Latitude compensation rings provide greater accuracy. Compact size measuring 7½” in length with a 1½” viewing map and night illumination.

#23 Kids Star Galaxy Projector

Kids star projector

A great educational gift that captures the excitement of astronomy with the exclusive Cyber Sky 5 program. Highly accurate star charts and information about the solar system and the constellations will keep kids busy for hours. An optical quality lens allows adjustment of focus and angle of the display. The unit weighs 399g and has an automatic switch off facility. For ages 8 and upwards.

#24 Colourful Galaxy Wall Clock

galaxy wall clock

Stargazing enthusiasts will be able to admire the galaxy at any time with this stylish clock. Perfect for any room, the clock face is 30cm in diameter and is made of environmentally friendly wood. The colourful print of the cosmos has a laminated surface which only needs an occasional dusting. The white numbers are clearly defined and the clock has a hook for easy installation. We loved the depth of colour on this clock.

#25 High Quality Galaxy Bedding

Galaxy bedding

Every stargazer will love this high-quality bedding set printed with a colourful 3D pattern of the universe. The quilt cover measures a generous 88″ x 90″ and has a convenient zip fastening. The easy-care machine washable bedding set also includes a flat sheet and two pillowcases. The fabric is a soft and comfortable cotton and polyester blend with a hard-wearing thread count of 200.

#26 Solar System Crystal Ball

Solar system ball

This miniature representation of the universe will add a fascinating dimension to your home. The clear crystal globe is just 3″(80mm) in height and holds models of the eight major planets in a 3D suspension. The base contains a lighting system that casts a subtle illumination of seven different colours throughout the globe. The on/off switch is manually operated. Combined weight is 930g.

What Do You Think of Our Astronomy and Space Themed Gifts?

The folks here at Gifted Geek had so much fun sourcing these astronomy gifts. We think they’re all fabulous and would bring a smile to the gift recipient’s face.

With so many beautiful, techy and quirky gifts for you to choose from, we don’t think you’ll have any problems finding one from our list.

If you have a suggestion, perhaps an awesome astronomy or space themed gift that we’ve missed from our curated list, you can contact us here.

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