10 Signs You Are More Crazy Than Your Dog

Forget crazy cat lady, if you can relate to the following, then you’re officially more crazy than your dog!

1) You celebrate your dog’s birthday:

2) You think dog leggings are cool:

3) You have a two-way audio camera system so you can see and talk to your dog when you’re away from home:

4) You don’t just give your dog verbal commands and encouragement, you have full blown conversations with your pet:

5) You’ve given your dog several different nicknames:

6) You don’t bath your dog as often as you should because you like your dog’s smell:

7) You think your employer should allow all their employees to bring their pets to work with them:

8) You buy Xmas gifts for your dog and even help to unwrap them:

9) When going on holiday you check your pet into a dog hotel:

10) You and your dog have matching pyjamas: