48 Things to Buy Before You Get Your First Dog

Whether you’re about to buy your first dog or you’re looking for a gift to buy a dog-loving friend, we think you’ll love the products listed below.

We’ve started off with the basics like customised dog bowls and collars but you’ll also find unusual gift ideas too such as GPS trackers and DNA tests.

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

Basics & Essentials

1) Engraved Dog Tag

Every dog should have one, affordable, easy to buy and fully customisable. Include the dog’s name and the owners contact details – just in case the dog gets lost.

2) Personlised Food Bowl

This would make a great gift for someone who has or is about to get a pet dog. Include the dogs name engraved on the side and in the centre of the bowl. Why not get one for food and one for water?

3) Pet Food Tidy Tray

Ask any dog owner – dogs just love to make a mess, especially at dinner time! This food tidy mat is ideal for messy dogs of any age, it’s easy to clean and is waterproof. Keep your kitchen tidy with this food mat.

4) Reflective Dog Collar

This is the best dog collar we could find. It’s made from sturdy material, is bright. reflective and suitable for dogs of any age. This collar also has a quick release button, just in case the dog gets stuck.

5) No-Pull Dog Harness

Dogs can injure themselves by pulling on the lead, a harness disperses this pressure evening over the dog’s body and away from the vulnerable neck area. This is a perfect product for energetic or strong dogs that pull hard.

6) Retractable Walking Lead

Another item that we just couldn’t leave off our list of basics and essentials. Very few dogs can be trained to walk off a lead, so keep your pet safe with this sturdy retractable lead with a soft practical handle.

7) Automatic Pet Feeder

Are you away from home for long periods during the day? A timed feeder is the perfect answer to ensure your dog has access to food at the right time. This device has many settings and options to keep the food fresh for longer.

8) Dog Sleeping Crate

Not everyone likes to share their bed with their pet dog and with this sleeping crate you won’t have to. Crate training can help prevent seperation anxiety in your pet and is popular with many dog owners.

9) Pet Bedding Blanket

Another item we wanted to include in our list of basics and essentials, you can never have too many pet blankets. Use them in the car, on the sofa, in the dog crate or bed in fact; anywhere you dog likes to relax

10) Dog Grooming Brush

Not all dogs shed excessive amounts of hair but every dog needs a good grooming now and again. Keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling great with a fine dog grooming comb like this one.

11) Car Seat Covers

If you’ve owned a dog before, you’ll know how easy it is for them to get abosulutely filthy! This ingenius universal car seat protection cover is the perfect product for those that don’t want to see their car upholstery wrecked.

12) Dog Poop Bags

Welcome to the world of dog ownership! While cute, cuddly and often fun, there is a rather unpleasant side to owning a pet dog. It’s worth remembering; the bigger the dog the bigger the mess. Just saying!

Dog Training

13) Dog Clicker Training

Did you know that you can use “clicker training” on dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses? Reward your pet’s good behaviour with a click and a treat. This is a fun way to teach your pet with a reward technique.

14) Target Stick Training

Target stick training is often used in conjunction with a clicker and is a fun and versatile way to teach a dog to move into, onto and around objects. Start your dog’s agility training with a target stick like this.

15) Dog Training Discs

These training discs create a unique and unusual sound that your dog won’t hear anywhere else. Use them to let your dog know it hasn’t performed a task adequately and won’t be getting a reward.

16) Training Whistle

The noise from a whistle is louder and travels further than a human voice. It also doesn’t convey emotions such as fear, anger or anxiety so is perfect for recall training your dog. Your throat won’t hurt so much either!

17) Dog Training Bells

When a dog needs access to the garden to go to the loo, they usually scratch the door or frame. Teach your dog to ring one of these hanging bells instead. Save your woodwork and you’ll hear the bells as they’re louder.

18) Toilet Training Pads

Puppy training pads are a great first step towards house training your dog. Cheap and easy to use, they absorb moisture and neutralise unwanted smells. Protect your carpets and flooring with these tried and tested pads.

19) Dog Tricks Guidebook

Teaching a child to teach a dog how to do tricks is perhaps the best way to create an everlasting bond between any child and a dog. Start the journey today with this easy to read guide to 101 dog tricks.

20) The Perfect Puppy

This is another great book for newbie puppy owners that also contains step-by-step instructions. This best seller is a must have if you want your puppy to grow into a well behaved and friendly adult dog.

21) Puppy Training Guide

Puppy Training: The Smart Way is another book we’ve found very helpful in training dogs via the positive reinforcement and reward method. Take the first steps towards a happy puppy with this guide.

22) Dog Training Treats

One of the best ways to teach a dog is by rewarding good behaviour with food. Junk and poor quality food should be avoided. These liver pellets are low in salt and fat and won’t crumble, perfect for your dog and your pocket!

23) Pet Activity Tracker

We think this would make a great gift for any dog lover – track the dog’s activity levels with this device. Make sure the dog is getting the right amount of excercise. Set goals and track progress via the smartphone app.,

24) Agility Training Kit

This is the perfect starter kit for those that want to get involved with dog agility training. These posts can be used alongside a clicker and treats. Start your journey into the fun world of agility exercises with this kit.


25) Treat Dispensing Toy

Make your pet dog or puppy work a little bit harder for the food with this treat dispensing toy that’ll keep them busy for ages. Perfect for when you want to distract your pet and also fun for both you and your dog.

26) 10-Piece Treat Set

Dog toys can be expensive, especially when you buy them one at a time. Save yourself a packet with this pack of ten popular dog toys. Perfect for all dog owners but also as a gift to someone who loves their dog.

27) Indestructable Dog Toy

Dogs just love to chew and some get through toys in a matter of hours! This tough and sturdy dog toy will last for many weeks, even the most destructive pet will struggle to destroy this hardened chew toy.

28) Chuckit Ultra Ball

This is the perfect ball for playing retrieval games; brightly coloured with a high bounce rate and floats on water. The tough but flexible material ensures a long life expectancy, even under the most demanding use.

29) Dog Ball Launcher

Save yourself some arm ache and launch the ball to extraordinary lengths with this ball launcher. This is the perfect bit of kit for active dogs that love to run and are difficult to tire out. Ideal for fields and long beaches.

30) Dog Feeder Toy

Another great little toy that’ll keep your pet busy for hours, this toy holds dozens of small food treats that the dog will need to release one at a time. Whilst keeping the dog busy, this will also help to clean their teeth.

Hygiene and Medicines

31) Worming Tablets

Worm treatment tablets are essential for all dogs. You’ll need a steady supply of these for the dog’s entire life so add them to your list of essential medical supplies to buy for your pet.

32) Dog Wash Shampoo

Dog shampoo is used to keep your dog’s hair clean, smooth and smelling fresh. If you’ve never owned a dog before, you’ll be surprised at how much muck gets into their hair. Shampoo is another item on our list of essentials.

33) Flea & Tick Treatment

All dogs can pick up fleas and ticks, but long haired pets are especially prone. As a dog owner, you’ll need a steady supply of this treatment. Stop your pet from itching and scratching with this spot flea/tick treatment.

34) Oral Hygiene Gel

Oral hygiene is an important part of every dog’s health. Keep your pets mouth clean and fresh with this pet toothpaste. There are several ways to apply this paste; by finger pad or with a toothbrush being the most popular.

35) Tooth Cleaning Toy

This is another health based toy that’s designed to help clean your dogs teeth and gums. Made from a durable material, the spikes along the side of this toy help to scrape off food from between your dog’s teeth.

36) Teeth Cleaning Pads

Use these tooth cleaning pads instead of bare fingers or a toothbrush. Just apply the cleaning gel or paste and gently scrub away at the teeth and gums. This is an extremely easy way to clean a dog’s mouth.

Dog Clothing and Accessories

37) Rain Proof Coat

Keep your dog’s coat dry when the weather isn’t ideal with this doggy raincoat. These are perfect for dogs with long hair and are often used after a dog has had a grooming session and the owners don’t want to ruin the look.

38) GPS Pet Tracker

An absolute must for dogs that have a tendency to run off or refuse to come back when recalled. This advanced GPS tracking collar would also make a perfect gift for any dog owner. One of our favorite pet products.

39) Bright Safety Collar

If you walk your dog late at night or early in the morning, a bright collar like this would be the perfect safety product. See your dog from hundreds of metres away and you can easily charge the collar via a USB port.

40) Dog Collar Bells

Dog collar bells are another great product worth considering if you dog likes to wander off. You’ll always hear your beloved friend and the local wildlife and cats will get advanced notice that your dog is in the area!

41) Dog DNA Test Kit

With a simple mouth swab you can get deep insights into your pet’s DNA. With over 220 breeds listed you can learn about your dog’s behaviour and tailor future diet, training and exercise routines based on the results.

42) Dog Grooming Kits

Every dog requires a haircut every now and again and professional grooming can become expensive. Check out this easy-to-use pet hair cutting kit which can save you a fortune over the years.

43) Dog Carry Crate

Carry crates are perfect for taking a small or medium sized dog away on holiday. They double up as a travel crate and a sleeping crate. This crate is made from sturdy lightweight material and folds away into a small space.

44) Dog Travel Accessories Kit

This travel kit for dogs comprises a foldable drinking bowl, emergency dog lead, poop bags and a night-glow dog tag. This item would make a great gift for any dog owner that likes to travel with their pet.

45) Heated Pet Pad

This low-voltage heated pad is ideal for pets that like to sleep or relax on a warm surface. It consumes very little electricity but be warned; if you have a cat, chances are it will make this pad its permanent bed!

46) Pet Hair Vacuum

Have you never owned a pet dog before? Depending on the breed, you could find yourself picking up a lot of hair from your home. A handheld hoover is ideal for pets that shed alot of hair and we think this one is the best.

47) Pet Shower Kit

This outdoor shower kit comprises a hose and a shower head that slips over the back of the hand. This frees up both hands for cleaning the dog. This simple and affordable kit is a great way to clean your dog outdoors.

48) Dog Lead Hooks

This coat and dog lead hook set would make an ideal present and will look wonderful on any dog owner’s wall. There are many different designs to choose from but personally, we like this one the best.